Ken has momentum – but there’s trouble ahead

23rd April, 2012 1:41 pm

There’s some surprisingly good news today as Livingstone closes the gap to just 2% with only 10 days left to go in the race. As Len Duvall has already written today, the polling suggests that there’s some momentum behind Ken’s campaign. It’s always important not to read too much into polls that show something you weren’t expecting. The direction of travel seems to be with Ken, but margin of error is a significant factor. Whilst many will say the race is now neck and neck, it’s not quite as simple as that.

There certainly doesn’t seem to be any significant movement either way on the doorstep. There are still those who will vote Labour but not Ken (although perhaps fewer than earlier in the campaign), and still a not insignificant “Labour for Boris” vote. But considering the battering that Livingstone has taken in the media in recent weeks on tax, “actors” in campaign videos and Lord Sugar telling people not to vote for him, I fully expected the polls to have worsened for Livingstone.

But I was wrong.

Much of the gain for Ken seems to have come from Labour voters – a combination of Labour’s lead extending nationally (and locally, Labour now leads by 19% in the capital), as well as reticent Labour voters returning to Ken. As I said last week, Ken needs more party and less personality – in the last week the party focus has worked. His campaign should double down on Labour messages (rather than Ken ones) in the final straight.

There’s trouble ahead though for Ken, and the next 2/3 days may well decide the race. There’s a 72 hour tube strike planned in London from Tuesday-Friday. The Tories will spend the next week obsessively trying to pin that strike on Livingstone. The public know that Labour has a close relationship with the unions. The Tory machine and their outriders will be spending this week trying to say that the man responsible for the strike is Ken, rather than Boris – the man who is currently (supposedly) running London.

That’s a message that could resonate with angry commuters and push the race out of Livingstone’s grasp by the end of the week.

Team Ken should be spending the next few days exercising similar message discipline. This is a Labour vs Tory fight. The strikes are caused by a Tory Mayor who has failed to manage the tube network and failed to deal with unions before strike action. These strikes are Boris Johnson’s fault. There have been more strikes in Johnson than there were under Ken.

That it’s a pro-Johnson paper won’t help, but the rebuttal to Tory attacks must be in the Evening Standard tomorrow so that Ken’s response is out there to be read on delayed journey’s home. Pro-active media from Livingstone has been good in the campaign, but rebuttal has too often been too slow.

This time, if rebuttal of Tory attacks on tube strikes is too slow, it’ll be too late to turn it around and Ken won’t be able to claw himself back into contention. Not again. This is the final Comeback Ken’s final comeback.

He has to make it count.

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  • Guest

    As Lord Sugar said, no one should vote for Ken

    • treborc1

       well Mr guest hell of a political view

    • AlanGiles

      “Guest”. Don’t be shy name yourself.

      This reminds me of those irate letters which appear in local newspapers under the imprint “Name and address supplied” – and carries about as much weight.

      • Brumanuensis

        I thought ‘disgusted of Tumbridge Wells’ was the thing?

        Strange really, Tumbridge Wells always seemed such a peaceful sort of place.

        • AlanGiles

          I think between the wars Tunbridge Wells was the retirement place of choice for retired Colnel’s and their lady, then it became Cheltenham and Bournemouth. I remember years ago that this expression really did derive from a blustering letter to a national newspaper, and the writer signed himself “Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells. What he was disgusted about, I’m not sure.

    • Brumanuensis

      Is that you Karren Brady? 

      • Jeff_Harvey

        Ian Brady more like.

        • Brumanuensis

          Ooph! That’s a touch strong Jeff!

  • Watching the BBC debate last night, I wasnt convinced that Boris wants the job. He looks fed up with it all and struggled to put on a front that he actually cared about the plight of Londoners. Ken displayed a lot more energy and desire. That should be an attack point for Ken at their next confrontation- Boris, why do you actually want the job?

    Agree that its crucial Ken’s team emphasise that this is a Mayor who can’t work effectively with TFL and the Unions.

    The Sugar effect has been overplayed too. Not many people will base their decisions on what he thinks, I dont believe he is really taken seriously by most people.

    • treborc1

      Boris is now looking at Cameron and thinking you know something it’s time for me to re-enter politics and the leadership of the Tories may be open sooner rather then later. No way was Boris going to say as the Mayor it’s not high enough for him.

  • kate

     I do not live in London and am neither Labour or Tory.  I have voted for both parties in the past and find it really hard to understand this tribal mentality displayed on Labourlist.  I have always voted for the local canditate that I thought would do a good job for my town.  Party politics don’t come in to it.

    When I read the comments on here, I am amazed.  It would seem  that some people would vote for an axe murderer or a serial killer, as long as they are Labour.

    Ken Livingstone has been proved to have the morals of an alley cat.  He is an out and out hypocrite.  He is an aethiest who suddenly prays to whoever to get himself a vote.  His statements in the past certainly make him appear to be anti-semetic and he is doesn’t seem to have an honest bone in his body.

    Still he is Labour,  so that’s alright then.  He maybe a lying, two-faced hypocrite but he is your lying two-face hypocrite.  He is also only Labour when he has something to gain from it.   Good luck with that!   I pity the poor Londoners, if they get stuck with him. Why don’t you all wise up.  Don’t have Boris or Ken if you can’t vote Tory.  Vote for one of the other candidates. You won’t be struck down dead if you do!

    • treborc1

      yet you attacked Ken on here not Boris, seems to me except for that silly lasts sentence your anti Ken,  so you had to come to a labour site to tell us.

      • kate

         Wrong!  I am not pro Boris either.  Boris is a likeable buffoon in my opinion.  The chances of him being leader of the conservatives is bound to be zero.  Like Ken, his mouth operates before his brain.  Just like Ed Milliband is not prime minister in the public eye, they would feel exactly the same about Boris.  He’s alright for a bit of a laugh sometimes but in charge of the country, no way!

        • But you claim neutrality then launch into an anti-Ken/Labour rant and then have a go at people who vote for Ken/Labour. So much for your neutrality.

          You say “Vote for one of the other candidates.” So who are you going to vote for? When you’ve decided, go over to their blog and tell them how wonderful they are. You’ll find that more fulfilling than posting anti-Labour drivel on a pro-Labour blog, I hope.

          • kate

             Thank you for the lovely welcome Dave.  Well, if criticising Ken is posting anti-Labour drivel, then a lot of Labour supporters on here are guilty of that as well. 

          • GuyM

            Kate, I wouldn’t worry too much, LL is as you’d expect full of tribalist Labour types who would vote for whatever was put in front of them.

            I can’t say I’ve ever seen a more unpleasant candidate than Ken Livingstone, the man is simply offensive on so many levels. If he were a Tory, some here would be throwing insults about that anyone would dare vote for such a hyprcrotical, apparant anti-semitic tax dodging extemist.

            But, so long as he is the only person who might stop a Tory then he could be an axe murdering paedophile and people like Dave Stone would vote for him.

            Funny old world isn’t it, when the most vocal critics of what they think are unethical political ideologies turn out to have no ethics when it comes to their own candidates.

          • derek

            Every body knows that orrible Oris is a bit of a shrinking violet when it comes to London, rather than be in London and celebrate those special occasions orrible Oris would rather be far away on the slippery slopes.  

          • derek

            Every body knows that orrible Oris is a bit of a shrinking violet when it comes to London, rather than be in London and celebrate those special occasions orrible Oris would rather be far away on the slippery slopes.  

          • kate

            That is what I find so fascinating Guy.  It makes me wonder what exactly a candidate would have to do, before a diehard Labour supporter would turn their back on them. 

          • Bill Lockhart

            Kate, there is frankly no genuine ‘enthusiasm’ for Livingstone even amongst his ‘supporters’. They know as well as the rest of us that he is irredeemably tainted. The tribal mouthing of support is as sincere as the Politburo mourning at Kim Jong Il’s funeral.

          • Brumanuensis

            Thanks Bill. Nice of you to tell us all what we really think. Surprised you don’t do it more often, frankly. 

          • aracataca

            I thought you knew Brumanuensis everybody else does. Bill has incredible mystical powers and is an accomplished mind reader. He can tell what we’re really thinking even when we say something completely different. It is truly amazing.
            Bill-can you lend me some of your extraordinary powers please?

          • Brumanuensis

            I second Aracataca’s request. We could do with a few more Cassandra’s.

          • Bill Lockhart

            You’ll be telling us next that the support for Livingstone on this site is sincere and enthusiastic. Who on earth do you imagine you’re kidding?

          • Brumanuensis

            Bill, you’re a Tory and know exactly
            jack squat
            about what Labour supporters think. Shall we pretend all the pro-Boris commentators on this site are actually self-deluding twerps too?

          • treborc1

             Go away your obviously either related to Guy  or your part of the same Tory party group,

            I mean for god sake you have come here attacked Ken now your telling us that labour supporters are willing to put up with any rubbish.

            For somebody who claims not to be taking side I noticed you have said sod all about Boris

          • Now now, Guy. Keep your wig on.

            If you want to understand why people have enthusiasm for Ken as the Labour Mayor of London just look at one headline policy:

            If elected Ken has pledged to cut the fares by 7% on October 7th 2012, or resign. His Fare Deal plan will save the average Londoner £1000 on average (£1,700 for those who live in outer London) over the next four years.

            Meanwhile Johnson sits on his hands.  

          • Bill Lockhart

            And TfL have confirmed that any fare cut would be at the expense of investment. Livingstone is either lying (fancy!) or must immediately publish the cuts in transport investment he will impose to pay for his bought votes.

          • AlanGiles

            Well, Bill, even Boris’s fanzine (a.k.a. the Evening Standard) report today that BJ is considering the situation regarding fares – what’s the betting that if he doesn’t do better in opinion polls by the end of April he will be offering fare cuts himself?


          • Here’s another policy that will benefit Londoners:

            Ken has pledged to reverse Johnson’s police cuts and will reinstate sergeants to all 600 Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

            Under Johnson’s arrangements the sergeant in Johnson’s own ward is having to reapply for his own job.

            How best to describe Johnson’s tenure? Omni-shambles.

          • Funny how Boris is now saying he’ll be able to cut fares…

          • Brumanuensis

            Let’s not even start on that ‘driverless trains’ nonsense.

          • Bill Lockhart

             Like they have, successfully,  all over the rest of the world, you mean? No, let’s not.

          • Brumanuensis


            So, how much money is this ‘driverless trains’ business going to cost anyway? I thought TfL was on a tight budget.

          • GuyM

            Less money in the long run than being held to ransom by a bolshie Union leader.

          • GuyM

            A little bemused by your figures Dave, especially the “outer London” ones. I can only conclude you don’t actually live in London.

            A yearly all zone travel card (that’s all tubes, buses, trains and trams covering zone 1-6) is £2,136. A 7% saving on that is £149.52 pa or just under £600 over 4 years.

            A monthly pass is £205.10, a 7% saving being £14.36 pm, or £172.28 pa or £689 over 4 years.

            How exactly did Ken’s team go from between £600 to £700 over 4 years to £1,700? Or is that some more dodgy dossier type analysis?

            Plus the 7% saving is achieved in year 1 by raiding all the TfL investment funds, something that can’t be done again in year 2 (so watch out for above inflation increases) and which TfL themselves say is not feasible.

            All in all Ken is dissembling to a portion ot the electorate too thick to be able to add upadequately to realise the dodgy figures i.e. Labour voters.

            If he gets elected watch out for a mysterious largeincrease in fares in year 2.

          • GuyM

            No reply from Dave, it seems the non Londoners will buy any old crap that comes out from Ken’s campaign, even totally false financial claims.

          • Mike Murray

            ” Funny old world isn’t it, when the most vocal critics of what they think are unethical political ideologies turn out to have no ethics when it comes to their own candidates.”

            Ah! Now I understand why the  Tories continued to keep Thatcher as their leader when her policies were bringing this country to its knees!

          • treborc1

            Well of course kept brown even though they knew he was taking them into opposition, you have to love faith.

          • GuyM

            The alternative to Thatcher being either Foot or Kinnock.

            Even for non Thatcher fans, the alternative of donkey jacket man or the welsh windbag might have given nightmares.

          • AlanGiles

            Guy you proove how young you are. If youwere a little older you would know that Michael Foot did not wear a “donkey jacket” to the Cenotaph (probably while you were still sitting on your potty it’s that long ago)It’s another urban myth, just as Jim Callaghan did not say (as the “Sun” ‘quoted’ him in 1979 “crisis, what crisis?”). His wife, the film-maker the late Jill Craigie  confirmed years ago that the jacket was a tailored short jacket.

            And “Welsh windbag” – all that proves is that you have access to back copies of “The Sun” – I suppose your adolescence (when you wasn’t winning gold on the sports field) was to “read” page 3?

          • GuyM

            I’m well aware he didn’t wear the donkey jacket, however he became known for it even though it was factually incorrect.

            However a “donkey jacket” was in keeping with his nutty left wing ideology, so it stuck.

            Hence I, like many other, will associate him with the donkey jacket tag even though I know he didn’t wear it on the day in question.

            As to the Welsh Windbag, I’m happy to say I did my bit campaigning in 87 for Thatcher and 92 for Major to ensure Kinnock never got elected.

          • AlanGiles

            “Hence I, like many other, will associate him with the donkey jacket tag even though I know he didn’t wear it on the day in question.”

            Which proves how childish and ignorant you are, you continue to peddle a lie about a dead man

          • I’m not enamoured with Ken as a personal, but Boris’ record, personal life and past statements aren’t exactly a testament to his character either. That’s where policies and my personal beliefs come into it in this election. In theory, people like Siobhan Benita or Jenny Jones are good centre-left options as well, but in practice only Boris or Ken will be mayor, and so that’s what keeps me firmly in Ken’s camp. Most of the rest of the time, I’m firmer still about backing Labour, since I know what I believe policy/values-wise and its relative rarity that I feel as challenged by controversies around the Labour candidate as I do in this election.

            I get your objections to Ken as a candidate, and as you said, you vote Tory or Labour based on what your perceptions of the candidates depending on the election, which leaves you more free to weigh relative priorities. That’s one approach to politics, and to be fair it’s becoming a more common view as membership/core support for parties declines. Partisan supporters like us are simply people who are more fixed about our worldview from election-to-election, and while I aplogise the some of other posters have disrespected your beliefs, the view of those who are commited to a particular party are no or more or less valid. It’s not an obligation on us to support the party blindly and we’re not unthinking, because it’s the view we’ve developed for ourselves. Moreover, I’d point to the debate among Labour supporters about Ken as an example of that.

          • kate

            Thank you Elliot for a clear, intelligent response.  Yours is the only post in reply to mine that actually gives me some understanding of your position in regard to your loyalties.   At least you gave me answeres, not rude or paranoid replies.  I believe to understand peoples’ views, you need to discuss them and listen to their opinions.

            Have a nice day

    • AlanGiles

      “Ken Livingstone has been proved to have the morals of an alley cat.”

      Kate, I think you will find that Johnson’s morals are no better – he is what used to be called a “gay dog”. Lock up your daughters and all that.

      Anyway, this job is Mayor of London not Archbishop of Canterbury

      • kate

         Alan, I am well aware that Boris is no saint.  My post is not in favour of Boris.  I am just saying that people should look outside the box.   Like many others, if there was an election tomorrow, I would struggle to place my x in the box of any party.  The public is completely sick of the lot of the main parties. If I lived in London, I would give someone else a chance, not Boris and not Ken.

        My dear, departed, mum voted Labour all her life and would never consider voting for any other party. I like to think for myself, not just follow the crowd, so I have no allegiance to any party.

        Like I said, in my first post, I have voted for both Tory and Labour and my conclusion is, politicians are all the same.  They tell you anything to get your vote, then they don’t deliver their promises when they are elected in to power.

        •  As you said, ‘if you lived in London’. But you don’t. So there we have it.Would it surprise you that people on ‘Labourlist’ might want the Labour candidate to win? Deary me.

          • kate

            Not a bit Jaydeepee.  I am just voicing my amazement at tribal instincts,  I find it fascinating.

          • treborc1

            As you said your not really into politics.

          • neither are you treborc. You’re not into politics, you’re into whining, whinging, moaning, bitching, complaining and accusing – without ever putting an idea forward yourself.  You are basically Mike Homfray’s twin brother.  Kate has posted more substance in a few comments here than you have in years of trolling the site.

          • Winston_from_the_Ministry

            To be fair to Robert he didn’t start off that way.

          • treborc1

            This from a Tony Blair toy boy

        • Brumanuensis

          Who do you expect us to vote for? Siobhan Benita (cue raucous laughing)? This is a straight fight between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, the other candidates are irrelevant. 

          There’s something to be said for lesser evilism, people. Ultimately, you end up with less evil.

          • Erica Cowley

            “Vote Ken, he’s less evil”.

            No, I don’t think that that works either.  Particularly with Ken.

          • Brumanuensis


        • “I like to think for myself, not just follow the crowd, so I have no allegiance to any party.”

          Kate, I was trying to explain above, this is the thing. I respect your view, but I ask that you respect mine and most of those on LL, which is that we’ve *chosen* to broadly support the Labour Party and what it aims to accomplish. That is me “thinking for myself”, and suggesting that these two are mutually exclusive and that those who have a more fixed preference than you are simply unthinking isn’t fair. People who are partisans by choice and people who are swing voters by choice have both gone through a process in their own minds to decide what they want, and both need to respect each other’s views, if all I’m saying.

    • Daniel Speight

       …find it really hard to understand this tribal mentality displayed on Labourlist.

      The clue’s in the title dear.

      • kate

         Very droll Daniel!   How could I have missed that!  I thought it was just a blog where anyone could join in. Silly me!

        • Mike Homfray

          And that’s the problem. It is a party blog not just people who claim to want tontake the politics out of politics and vote for someone nice irrespective of politics. Now, go back to your desk in Tory or FibDemcentral office – because I think you are a phoney . Why would someone with no interest in party politics look at LabourList in the first place?

          • kate

            That is the funniest thing I have ever read Mike. I am 62 years old, retired and sitting at my Laptop.  I wouldn’t know where to find Tory or Lib Dem central office, or the Labour one for that matter.  Why are you so paranoid and why do you not take an interest in other peoples’ views?    That is why I look at political blogs and why sometimes I contribute my views.

            I am very flattered though that you think I am a secret spy from a political party.   That has really made my day.

            Have a nice day Mike. xx

          • Brumanuensis

            Mike is articulating the old rule ‘no-one is who they say they are on the internet’. 

            Now, I believe you, by-the-by, so to try and explain Mike’s attitude, let’s just say the arguments you’ve made are quite commonplace round here. And they’re invariably made by people who have, shall we say, ‘an agenda’. So, some of the more long-time commentators can get a little prickly.

            I’m sure you’re honest in your dislike of Ken and I’m also sure you don’t think much of Boris Johnson. However, this is a Labour website – I know, we’ve said it many times – and the people on here tend to be Labour supporters. We like canvassing and following opinion polls and reading political blogs of all shades of the political spectrum. We’re argumentative people by nature. Sometimes these arguments are quite aggressive. Particularly if GuyM, who seems to take a certain delight in winding up Labour types, gets involved.

            So, just remember, this is not a normal conversation thread and people making anti-Labour arguments can get pounced upon. I disagree with most of what you’ve said about Ken, but I somehow doubt I’m going to persuade you to see things my way. So for the moment, I’ll leave it there.

          • kate

             Thanks for that explanation Brumanuensis.

        • Brumanuensis

          Daniel was merely pointing out the obvious. This is a Labour website. We support the Labour candidate. Why are you surprised? Did you expect us to twiddle our thumbs and vote for Boris Johnson? Also, whilst anyone is free – within reason – to comment here, the editorial line will back Labour. Again, why does this come as a shock?

          • First of all, Kate is a ‘real person’ – a swing voter the kinds of which Labour needs to win any election.  She should be treated with a little more respect frankly – instead of ignoring her comments tribalists should try to understand them, and see what they can learn from them

            Her main point is the lack of questioning some have – that they will vote Labour regardless of the moral standards of the candidate.  This is unsustainable and baffles ordinary voters who do have a conscience and a willingness to engage with politics, but do it free from the dogma of hardcore ideology.  I think many on here could learn from Kate.

          • Brumanuensis

            Where in my answer was I disrespectful? Stop making stuff up Roberts.

      • Bill Lockhart

        Sexist patronizing prat. Oh wait, you can’t be can you? You’re a *progressive*.

        • Yes, dear.

          • Jeff_Harvey

            What’s good for the goose is good for the Cameron.

        • Daniel Speight

           Oh I probably am Bill. A different upbringing and I could have been just like Dave and George.

          Never thought I would say it but good on Nadine Dorries for saying things we should all be saying. And if Dave are George are posh boys, what does that make Johnson.

          We have Tories and Blairites, and Israeli and gay lobbies, trying to get this clown Johnson another term as mayor of Britain’s largest city. Clowns belong in circuses, not in town halls.

  • “The public know that Labour has a close relationship with the unions.”

    But the RMT doesn’t support Labour and supports TUSC, which I think doesn’t even have an agreed position on backing Livingstone. And it has clashed with Livingstone when he was mayor.

    So in spite of the Evening Standard, Livingtone’s team should still be able to pin the strike on the incumbent Mayor. If they don’t, then frankly they should find jobs well away from politics.

    BTW, given the criticisms leveled at Livingstone by his own side, why was he chosen by the London party? I still haven’t come across an explanation. A fresher and less cantankerous character without the baggage would have the election in the bag by now.

    • Good points…………….but as to Labour putting up someone else……….. they once did, Ken stood as an independent and won, as I remember it.
      Kate kicked off with ‘I don’t live in London’…….. so it doesn’t matter what she thinks. She is welcome to elect a comedian to run her local council……..
      The other candidates have no chance of being elected……. but we have a first and second vote, so voters can waste their first votes that way if they wish. ……….(wasn’t that how the Tories got elected, voting for the ‘alternative’?)…………. but Ken or Boris could be elected outright with enough first votes.

    • Brumanuensis

      The alternative was Oona King. I had my doubts about Ken standing again, but the fact that Oona was the alternative pretty much sealed it for him. She’s just came across as a light-weight in comparison.

  • Labour as a party are 19% ahead of the Conservatives in general election polling, but trail Boris Johnson by (at least) 2% in the Mayoral contest.

    Shouldn’t that speak volumes about the present Labour candidate?

    • Tubby_Isaacs

      That Labour candidates in other places don’t have journos working full-time throwing shit at them?

  • Tubegeek

    Its a maintenance strike (not drivers) on 3 lines (as well as Emergency Response Unit) so there could be disruption but not definite.

    • treborc1

       You will not get any drivers crossing picket lines that’s a 100% sure, and the strike will affect trains.

      • Bill Lockhart

        Since drivers don’t clock on at maintenance depots, there won’t be any picket lines for them to cross. Secondary picketing is, of course, illegal.

        • treborc1

          have a bet not to many trains will move health and safety

        • Tubby_Isaacs

          I think the expression might have been meant metaphorically.

  • Brumanuensis

    I think as others have suggested, the Union ‘problem’ can be deflected fairly easily:

    a). The RMT isn’t affiliated to Labour.

    b). There’s not much point claiming you’re tough on strikes, when the result is that you end up with more of them.

    I reckon Ken will still lose by 5 – 7 points on a two-party preferred basis, but what I found interesting about the recent polling was, as Anthony Wells points out on UKPollingReport, the sheer volume of ‘don’t knows’ on the ‘have the candidates paid enough tax’ question. Coupled with the fact that Johnson’s ratings aren’t particularly brilliant on that front, I suspect this indicates that the tax issue has been less influential than was previously thought.

    • aracataca

      Come on don’t try to play Bill’s game. You don’t know what the result of the election is going to be, anymore than anyone else does.

      • Brumanuensis

        Meh, I’m just trying to read the polls and come to a tentative conclusion. But yes, there is a great deal of uncertainty ahead.

    • Bingo McKay

      RMT trotskyists should be shot at dawn every morning for a week.  Bring on the driverless trains.

      • derek

        Two little ducks….Quack..quack…quack!

      • Brumanuensis

        Thanks Bingo. But I still reckon you should keep taking your medication.

        • Erica Cowley

          Bingo’s not on meds, she’s just pissed.  We’re sitting here sharing a laptop and having a giggle.  We’re voting UKIP, we think.  And BoJo.

          • Erica Cowley

            Bingo also reckons you are the smart one on this site.  She wants to know are you good looking?

          • Brumanuensis

            That it is an extremely subjective question which I couldn’t possibly answer honestly. And no, before you ask, I will not be supplying a photo.

          • Erica Cowley

            That’s all right Brum.  Bingo’s gone off to bed leaving her bra on the banister, and I’ve got to clear up the kitchen and put the bottles out.  I don’t think she’ll remember much in the morning.  She’s good looking though and without a bloke, so you could have been in with a chance.

          • Erica Cowley

            This is not a dating site.  I know that.  I’m a bit pissed ascwell.

          • Brumanuensis

            Don’t be a stranger. We’re a welcoming bunch on LabourList, in our cranky, left-wing sort of way. I’m sure there’s another nice, available, socialist type who Bingo could be introduced to. Of course, voting UKIP is a slight impediment, but with time I’m sure she’d come to an accommodation with whichever nice young man we set her up with. 

            Honestly, I swear there are some days when it would be better if this place WAS a dating site. The amount of aggro between commentators. We just need a little more peace, love and understanding, people. 

            In fact, I feel a song coming on:


            All together now LabourList members…

          • Erica Cowley

            Bingo used to bat both ways in uni.  She might still.  Don’t rules out the girlies.

          • Erica Cowley

            Oh Bee.  TMI.  Soz.

            Better get off this site.  But let’s hope for BoJo, and Bingo finally settling down.

          • Erica Cowley

            I am in serious trouble if she sees this.  Can it be deleted plsease?

          • AlanGiles


          • treborc1

             Guy might need to release some tension he might be looking for a date.

          • AlanGiles

            ” I’m a bit pissed ascwell.”

            You could have fooled me. There was almost a hiccup audible on “ascwell” (sic). If your friend is still feeling amorous she could try our Mr Talbot, there’s a chap who really fancies himself!

          • Brumanuensis

            Well that explains a great deal Erica. I’ll leave it at that.

        • treborc1

           I’d say double it what ever it is.

  • JoeDM

    He must have got his Tax Accountant to do the figures !!!

  • Jeff_Harvey

    In previous elections the Conservatives managed to persuade their committed voters to vote for Boris Johnson, while Labour voters, dispirited by the recent history and limp right-of-centre antics of the party’s leadership simply stayed at home and didn’t bother to vote at all. The real clincher as far as the capital’s Mayoral election is concerned is: Will enough Labour voters be inspired to take the trouble to support Ken Livingstone at the ballot box?

    The Tories WILL get their vote out.

    Can Labour do the same?

  • Amber Star

    A little more good news for Labour, Guardian ICM poll has Labour on 41% – highest since 2003. Tories have dropped to 33% giving us an 8% lead. ICM methodology is fairly harsh on Labour, so an ICM 8 point lead is not to be sniffed at.

  • Daniel Speight

    Livingstone’s polling is looking better so I guess it’s about time for the Blairites to throw a spanner in the works again.

    At the moment Hodges is telling us why he and some shadow cabinet members don’t really want a socialist victory in the French Presidential elections. As he quotes an unnamed source.

    “It’s going to be a nightmare,” one shadow cabinet insider told me
    last week, “Hollande is going to win, the nutters are going to scream
    ‘we told you so’ and we’re going to be right back where we started”.

    What’s the betting the next Telegraph post is an anti-Livingstone rant?

  • Test

    “The Tory machine and their outriders will be spending this week trying to say that the man responsible for the strike is Ken, rather than Boris – the man who is currently (supposedly) running London.”

    Given that it’s Livingstone’s best mate Bob Crow who’s called the strike, more or less blatantly to help his mate Ken, why I wonder might anyone blame Livingstone for it?

    Far aside from tube strikes, Livingstone is (a) a hypocrite – see tax avoidance and NHS passim, (b) a liar – see his manifesto promises for £1000 off fares, the sun to shine every day, and a free Mini Metro for every reader (or something like that), and (c) a vile divisive man who will happily play to Islamofascism to get elected. He doesn’t deserve that reward for what he’s done.


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