Signatories of “Leaked letter from the Jewish Community to Ed Miliband” endorse Livingstone

26th April, 2012 12:30 pm

Last month a letter to Ed Miliband from a number of Jewish Labour supporters which noted their concerns with Ken Livingstone was leaked, and received considerable media attention. Now signatories of that original letter have posted an open letter entitled “Who should Left wing Jews vote for in the contest for London mayor?”  which endorses Livingstone, saying:

With our eyes open and breathing deeply maybe with a sigh or two, the time has come to endorse Ken Livingstone for Mayor of London

The letter goes over some of their feelings (both positive and negative) towards Livingstone, but the choice in the election is summarised as:

Under Boris as Mayor, we will get a few laughs, but little service and not much engagement.
Under Ken as Mayor, we will get irritated, upset and annoyed but we will get lots of services and lots of engagement and an improved London.
The full letter can be read here.

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  • UKAzeri

    good news for london!!!

  • Ianr Stewart

    Having read the open letter, the signatories should be applauded. It is a fair and honest appreciation as to the state of politics and leadership in London. Lets hope that we can go onwards to defeating Johnson on May 3rd.

  • Brumanuensis

    A very admirable and publically-spirited gesture. I hope Ken takes it as a cue to be more careful and sensitive in his relations with the Jewish community in London.

  • Daniel Speight

    Not before time but I welcome it. I do hope it’s not just a cynical attempt to get out of any blame in case of Livingstone losing. Even then every little helps. Someone want to go and tell Sugar?

    • Bill Lockhart

       What, you mean, blame the Jews when Livingstone loses? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

      • Daniel Speight

         No, I mean blame those Blairites who went out of their way to scupper Labour’s chances, many of whom have suddenly and thankfully gone quiet.

        • Please explain – quite shocked by these sentiments – as one of the signatories to both letters.   

  • alexagiusuk

    Wouldn’t this carry more weight if all the signatories of
    the original letter had also signed the endorsement?

  • alexagiusuk

    Wouldn’t this carry more weight if all the signatories of
    the original letter had also signed the endorsement?

    • Brumanuensis

      That’s why the headline says ‘signatories’, not ‘all signatories’.

  • Bill Lockhart

    It must be tricky signing a letter whilst holding one’s nose.


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