“The whole think happened because I was drinking and being quite fighty”

27th April, 2012 11:32 am


Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviews Eric Joyce:

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  • S K Lee

    Utterly bizarre person.

  • treborc1

    I can remember labour telling us that companies must work harder to stop sacking people who are ill, drink is now taken as a serious illness, I do not know Joyce’s Military record but again if he has been in a war zone .

    Did not take labour long to get rid of him did it, your sacked.

    • AlanGiles

      Well, to be fair, if Labour hadn’t suspended him there would have been an outcry from other parties, but unlike most people caught in similar circumstances, Mr Joyce is able to sit as an Independent and has got a notice period of 3 years, most people in those circumstances, however sad or regrettable their personal circumstances are, would have received instant dismissal

      • treborc1

        Funny actually drinking is an illness, labour knew what he was like years ago, but I suppose the fact is you look around at labour over the past few years, Flip your home a few times naughty boy, wave a cheque in the air naughty naughty, have sex in your office with the door open god he’s a cad.

        Think I rather like the thought of punching a few people myself, after all labour actually hand picked him.

        New Style labour party, at least to this day he’s not gone to court to have his emails and expenses shredded

    • Inveraray

      Joyce was in the Royal Army Education Corp,which I’m not sure saw a great deal of action?…..The man is a disgrace to Labour,if he wants to continue as an MP,he should stand down and fight the Bi-election as an Independant! Lets see how many of the good people of Falkirk vote for him?…..The Labour Party look to be running scared of the SNP by allowing Joyce to carry on…..Oh and was his drink problem the reason for him being the 1st MP to accrue over £1 million in expenses,always having the highest expenses of any Scottish MPs?…..Labour MP’s should out of all the Political Parties show the highest possible standards in office,as they represent the vast majority of ordinary working people and people who have to live on very little!

      • Mike Homfray

        He is no longer a Labour MP but no one can force his resignation except him. It’s not in the power of Labour to make him resign

  • Marcus Cicero

    Seems like he’s trying to get some of the bad news out first before the whole house of cards comes tumbling down on his head …. can’t wait to hear what other inappropriate, indecent or illegal behaviour he’s been carrying on at the tax payers expense. Obvious he finds it all rather amusing and will do anything for the attention. Imagine his children are very proud of their dad!

  • Bill Lockhart

    And in other troughing news, Margaret Moran is attempting the politicians’ time-honoured “I’m too upset to be treated like any other criminal suspect”  gambit. I hope she makes a full recovery very soon.


    • AlanGiles

      I’m sorry to say it but Moran is a disgrace and yet again proves there are seperate laws for politicians and ex-politicians. She was even to ill to attend  and face the court. She was claiming illness in her final months as an MP, and was never seen at her constituency office, so there was a bit more dishonesty from this repugnant woman – she was too ill to do her job, but not too ill to accept the salary for not doing it.

      I am sure by this time next week she will have made an Ernest Saunders-like recovery and she will soon be beaming away in her silly hat again – yet another corrupt ex MP who didn’t have to face the consequences of her actions.

      This hardly does anything to discourage MPs who still feel minded to defraud the public – “If I get caught, I’ll use the Moran get-out clause”

      • Mike Homfray

        Nasty comment Alan. It has been independently verified that she has a severe depressive illness no matter what she did in the past. People with mental health problems have enough to handle without that sort of comment. Not worthy of you.

        • AlanGiles

          extreme anxiety and agitation.”

          Good morning Mike. To be frank I think if I were to be facing prison I – and probably all of us – would display the same malaise, and be very depressed about it.

          From May 2009 to May 2010 when Moran became so ill, she was not doing her job: she was not seen in Luton or Westminster; if she were THAT ill surely it would have been more honest to have resigned immediately, and it would also have saved her extra stress. She wasn’t so ill that she forgot to collect her salary.

          I have every sympathy for anybody mentally or physically ill – if I have more sympathy for a man or woman who is being hounded by the DWP at the same time, than I do for this woman (or Gerald Kauffman who also blamed a mental health condition -OCD in his case – after he was found out about buying a £2000 TV set with our money), then I am afraid that is how I am: however ill somebody is, it doesn’t excuse dishonesty on the scale she practised it. Did you read the link from the BBC story?. It seems even while she was so ill she couldn’t even attempt to do her job, she was well enough to travel to her overseas home.

          I am no doctor, agreed, but I think she is suffering an extreme case of Saunderitis, and within a few weeks, she will be restored to rjude health – Southampton must be the new Lourdes!.

          Yet again a politician gets away with not having to face the consequences of her behaviour, which was squalid, to put it mildly

          • AlanGiles

            In the case of Moran, I think it is worth quoting some of the comments of the BBCs East political correspondent, Andrew Sinclair:

            “The main thing people couldn’t understand about Margaret Moran’s expenses is
            why an MP for Luton, who worked in London, was claiming expenses on a home in

            She said that was her second home and that’s why the taxpayer should pay
            towards it.

            Two weeks after expenses allegations appeared in the Daily Telegraph she
            announced that she wouldn’t stand for re-election.

            She called me in tears telling me that she had been ill for some time and now
            her doctor was worried about her long-term health.

            But she was still unrepentant: “I may have been stupid but I’ve done nothing
            wrong,” she insisted.

            I kept hearing reports that she’d been seen laughing and dining in the House
            of Commons and enjoying herself at her home in Spain.

            Ten months later she was secretly filmed by Channel 4 offering her services
            as a lobbyist”

            I am quite sure when somebody is caught shoplifting, for example, they would say they had been “stupid” – in most cases however, they will admit the offence. Plainly she DID do some very wrong things, and it is a great pity that a jury will not have the opportunity to consider the evidence, and give their verdict.

            But what a remarkable woman – she was so ill yet she was toting herself round like Hewitt, Byers and Hoon, as a “taxi for hire” as a lobbyist!

            Some may say this poor woman is a victim of illness and circumstance, who did, indeed, behave in a “stupid” manner, but nothing worse. Others might feel; she was a conniving greedy individual who was alert to ways of making easy money, and not too particular about how she obtained it. If anyone has this latter view, I think they are perfectly entitled to do so: Westminster has for too long been an exclusive little club where ranks are closed and it is not a question of what  is right or wrong but what you can get away with

          • Mike Homfray

            I don’t think I am as cynical as you about MP’s. However in this case it does appear that the court have agreed that she is unfit to plea. I am willing to accept that.

            Wasn’t the Saunders case related to Alzheimer’s rather than depression?

          • Peter Barnard

            Indeed it was, Mike H (Mr Guinness and his ailment).

            I guess they must have let him have plenty of the black stuff while he was in chokey so that he became the only person ever to recover from Alzheimer’s.

          • AlanGiles

            Hi Mike: I am a cynic because these people are only too happy to pass laws,  which everyone else has to adhere to, but always want a get out clause for themselves, I feel very strongly that if you are in public life you should be totally honest and transparent in financial matters –  but supposing we took the Moran judgement further. If anybody convicted of anything – be it simple fraud or even murder – if the idea of standing trail induces depression and anxiety in them, should they not have to stand trial or even be in court to hear the proceedings? – but this is from todays Guardian:

            “Giving evidence during the one-hour hearing, Joseph [her psychiatrist] said he had examined Moran, who was living with her long-term partner in Southampton, in October last year.
            He said her depression was moderate when she was just sitting quietly at home, “but as soon as the case is brought to her attention it becomes more severe”.
            Asked by Moran’s barrister, Jim Sturman, QC, if she could be exaggerating, Joseph said there was always that possibility, but that he believed her symptoms were genuine.

            Moran is undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy, and receiving psychiatric treatment. Asked for a prognosis, Joseph said: “The depression persists as long as these proceedings persist.”

            I think the last nine words say it all!

        • Bill Lockhart

           And herre is what Homfray wrote on his endlessly interesting blog about Iris Robinson, the wife of the leader of the DUP:

          “This corrupt, hypocritical leech is now claiming to have ‘mental
          health issues’ . That’s a good way of describing getting caught and
          pretending to feel guilty”


          H is for Homfray- and hilariously, hopelessly and hypocritical.

          • Mike Homfray

            H is also for Homophobia, which turned out to be all Robinson had wrong with her.

            But O is for Obsession, and searching through a blog which hasn’t been updated for a year may just be a sign of that. Would you like some help in overcoming this Bill – people may start to worry about your motives?

          • Bill Lockhart

             My motive is simple and obvious: to expose your nauseating hypocrisy. To clarify: slagging off other people for expressing an opinion you yourself have publically expressed (though in more offensive terms) is called “hypocrisy”, and people who do it are calle “hypocrites”. You are a hypocrite.

          • Mike Homfray

            As I thought. Obsessive and of some concern to those of us who really don’t care what other people on websites say. It’s worrying that you care so much. I doubt anyone else can spend hours searching out things I wrote three years ago! Do you regard this as rational and balanced behaviour, Bill?

            I’m sure help would be available for you. But then, perhaps this is what gives you pleasure, I think it’s rather amusing….

          • Bill Lockhart

             That’s fine then, we’re both happy. And don’t worry, searching through your nasty little blog takes seconds, not hours.
            Do you regard criticising people for doing exactly what you have done yourself to be rational or balanced- or is it, as I assert, merely the crassest hypocrisy?

          • Mike Homfray

            Bill: I don’t think anyone who spends their time writing sour little messages on a blog dedicated to a party they profess to hate should start discussing rationality and balance. You seem to think I am in the least concerned with your views – which would certainly be a sign of irrationality!

          • Bill Lockhart

            Don’t reply to them then.  Your hypocrisy is indefensible anyway.


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