Don’t let the Tories get away it – vote Labour in London on Thursday

1st May, 2012 8:03 am

As we go into the final few days campaigning there has to be one clear message that everyone we speak to understands.

And that’s this. Don’t let the Tories get away it – vote Labour in London on Thursday. A Tory mayor and a Tory government make you worse off. Londoners will be better off with Ken, who will cut fares, protect people as much as possible from the impact of the Tories’ economic policies, and reverse Tory police cuts.

Anyone who thinks that they don’t need to turn out to vote for a Labour mayor of London needs to think about the consequences of letting the Conservative party get away with what they are doing.

The Tory-led Government is in crisis. They have taken the country into a double dip recession, they have taken tax credits away from millions of families, pensioners have lost out with the Tory granny tax and the Leveson inquiry has shown how the Tories will always put the interests of the rich and powerful before the majority in the most crude way possible.

Cameron and Osborne are hoping Londoners will forget the mess they have got the country into and give them a pat on the back by electing their Tory candidate Boris Johnson on Thursday.

But you can’t vote Tory at this point. Even Tory voters ought to be considering whether it is wise to lend Cameron’s party their vote at the moment. They will think they can get away with anything. They will take it less as a vindication of what they have done so far, and more as a signal that they can keep going.

People who are ruining lives and defending the richest at the expense of the rest should not be left feeling they can get away with anything.

In 2010 Tory Boris Johnson boasted he was cutting further and faster than the Tory Government and he was the leading Tory who campaigned relentlessly for a tax cut for the super rich rather than help for the majority.

His true blue Tory values are shown most clearly through year-on-year above inflation fare rises at a time when people are being squeezed hard in every conceivable way. Boris Johnson has raised bus, tube and train fares so much London is one of the most expensive cities to travel around in the world.

This election on May 3rd is a clear choice between a Labour Mayor who will make Londoners up to £1000 better off with a fares cut, or a Conservative Mayor who is committed to raising fares above inflation and making Londoners worse off.

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