Theresa May is wrong, says Tory MP David Davis

15th June, 2012 10:22 am

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  • aracataca

    What’s this? Dissent in the ranks?

  • TomFairfax

    Lets be clear about this, a sequence of technologically illiterate, and illiberal Labour and Tory Home Secretaries keep trying the same re-branded attempts to treat everyone as a criminal with the same big brother proposals in different wrapping.

    A police state is one where the police make records of the innocent.

    David Davis is at least consistent in his struggle, begun against the last government, to fight these ill thought out, stupid, and frankly draconian proposals.

    When politicians are seeking advice on communications technology from policemen you know their is something fundamentally wrong with maintaining a pretty much unchanged 19th Century model of government/civil service in the 21st Century.

    Theresa May has demonstrated previously, she doesn’t know what day it is and it’s incredible that anyone would think a copper was an expert on communications technology, but someone from BT isn’t. (And given what they used to do at Martlesham, surveilance and monitoring techniques as well.)

    As David Davis said. These proposals would only catch ‘the innocent or the incompetent’.

    I suspect Mrs May falls into both categopries.

  • Dave Postles

    £2.5bn which could be better spent (i.e. including the on-costs over the remuneration to ISPs of an estimated £1.8bn).  What will they do: add nodes to the Tor network at Scotland Yard and GCHQ?  I think that the Tor Project would sniff them out pretty quickly and embarrass them.

  • Stocky

    Go to Tesco and buy a 3 mobile broadband dongle (£20.00). Plug it in to your computer. Connect to the internet. Hey presto! You’re on the web completely anonymously. Top-up the device by buying vouchers in shops and garages – whatever. No-one will know who you are – EVER! – you will have no registered account anywhere or a traceable IP when you go online. The only thing that can happen is that your location can be traced approximately by 3 themselves. But then you did plug your dongle into your laptop didn’t you? And you’re going online from different locations, right? Well, you’ve just outwitted May’s £2.5 billion system for £20.00. There’s umpteen other software based ways to do this as well. What an absolutely stupid project.

  • john P Reid

    David davis he of anti gay marriage, pro the death penalty thinks train drivers shouldn’t be able to strike, he also came out with lots of lies like Walter wolfgang was arrested and detained after private security ejected him from laoburs conference, it would security nothing to do with police, even if A P.C gave wolfgang A piece of paper saying it was up to security who they re- let in. Davis never mentions that other cntires life france or Italy just ignore the laws on detetnion without charge or In America if they think you’ve done something, can’t prove they just say your A materail witness and set the bail at $1 m , dollars

    • Hottentot

      Well he has allegedly been rather  “intimate” with Shami Chakrabarti on several occasions so he can’t be all bad. Her taste in men leaves something to be desired however.


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