It’s time to say Bye Bye to Aidan Burley

28th July, 2012 2:27 pm

Last night Tory MP Aidan Burley caused anger and disappointment as he attacked the Olympic opening ceremony as “leftie multi-cultural crap”. It’s not the first time his behaviour has raised eyebrows and caused deep and profound upset.

It’s time to say Bye Bye to Aidan Burley.

His majority in Cannock Chase is just 3,195 – with Labour in second place.

That’s why we’ve worked with the local Labour Party in Cannock Chase today to set up a “Bye Bye Burley” fund to help support the Labour candidate who will face Burley at the next election.

Will you give £10 – or whatever you can afford – to help oust Aidan Burley from Cannock Chase?

Today Burley has refused to apologise for his tweets, saying “I genuinely think I have nothing to apologise for.”

Show Aidan Burley that he’s wrong – donate to Cannock Chase Labour today.

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  • This is great. More of this sort of thing please LabourList.

    • treborc

      Whatcan one say.

      • Macca

        You say “goodbye” and I say “hello”.

  • JoeDM

    Burley was absolutely right. I sat watching it on TV thinking exactly the same thing. The usual trendy-lefty metropolitan media political correctness.

    • “I sat watching it on TV”

      You were enjoying your displeasure so fulsomely you just couldn’t switch channel…

      • Jimmer

        For the mentally challenged getting your buttons pushed by television programmes is much easier than pushing the buttons on your television set’s remote control in order to avoid shows your find offensive. 

        It’s called the “Whitehouse syndrome”. 

      • JoeDM

        The good wife insisted on watching it.

        • Congratulations! You are married to a woman of good taste and sound judgement.

        • Brumanuensis

          What about the bad wife? Does she get no say? Where is the equality?!?!

    • Brumanuensis

      Which particular elements of ‘trendy-lefty metropolitan media political correctness’ most displeased you? Was it the Queen’s appearance? James Bond? The representatives from the Armed Forces carrying the Olympic Flag? Isambard Kingdom Brunel? The bit where they sang ‘Jerusalem’? The references to the Industrial Revolution? Tim Berners-Lee? Local boy Dizzee Rascal (or as Jeremy Paxman would call him ‘Mr Rascal’) performing ‘Bonkers’? Paul MacCartney? The Arctic Monkeys? The bit where Emile Sande sang ‘Abide With Me’? The tribute to the 7/7 victims?

      Do elaborate.

      • Stephen

        I liked the young lady who lost her mobile phone. She was beautiful.

        • Brumanuensis

          She was very pretty. I hope she loses her phone in my vicinity.

          • Mark

            She’s called Jasmine Breinburg and as high above every male commentor on LaborList as the stars are above the ocean floor.

          • Brumanuensis

            But which star? Proxima Centauri? Polaris? Sirius B? Cygnus?

            Please, let us know our inadequacy in a precise measurement of light-years.

            Thanks for the name.

          • Mark

            If we’re going to get all cosmological I fell I must point out that there is a mathematical proboability of zero that you will ever enter Ms. Breinberg’s black hole or plumb her singularity.

    • SPC

      Which part was ‘politically correct’? The brown people? Are they supposed to not exist, or just not where you can see them?

    • Jimmer

      If I were you I’d break out the Basildon Bond and write a strongly worded letter to your MP…

    • Pootle

      Nobody gives a toss about what YOU think you idiot.

    • saintlaw

      “Burley was absolutely right. I sat watching it on TV thinking…” Stop right there. 

      No way were you thinking.

  • PCG1

    He’s allowed his opinion.

    Here’s mine… Burley timed his comments poorly and his views didn’t match what I was watching.

    We should welcome the dissent and state why we think he is wrong, but we certainly shouldn’t ‘shut him up’.

    • Losange

      Burly is a supercilious and distasteful prick… but that’s only my opinion.

    • Alex

      He’s allowed to voice his opinion. But he’s a public figure and he’s opened himself up to attack. He’s a disgrace and I hope he resigns. If he doesn’t, I hope Labour trashes him next time.

      • PCG1

        I understand.

        It’s just some of the comments against him are very typical of the response to an opinion in the UK where only say 5% agree. Instead of disagreeing the reply is often ‘shut up’ or ‘go away, we don’t want to hear it’ and that makes me nervous.

    • Brumanuensis

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      Not all opinions are equally valid.

      Burley’s opinion was so cretinous that it’s not even possible to refute it. How exactly do you argue with something so impossibly vacuous?

      • Alex

        Exactly. The BNP have opinion too, in fact not all that different from Mr Burley’s. We don’t give their views any weight. Same With Aidan ‘Sieg Heil’ Burley.

    • Stephen

       It’s just nice to see the Tory and right wing opinion so out of kilter with the general public mood. We shouldn’t say you can’t say that … but encourage more of their out there utterings and explain why they are wrong .

             In Surrey we had a Tory County Councillor who said basically the Health Service should not treat anyone for self inflicted problems and all of those people should be sent up north.. the Lib Dems reported him to standards on you can’t say that grounds . I quite enjoy them saying what they really think and seeing the decontamination of the nasty party unravel

  • Daring to criticise the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH?

    Debag the bastard!

    Long live Kier Hardy!

    • Stephen

      Like words written in the snow by a stream of warm beery urine dribbling from the bladder of a drunk prior to him vomiting. Although less sage. Alas.

  • John Ruddy

    What will the boundary changes do to the seats there? Is there the possibility that he will not get reselected because too many MPs are chasing too few seats?

  • Redshift

    Let’s face it – the 1936 olympics were more up Aidan Burley’s Street

  • I have to from what I read feel a typical Blairite representation was shown, as apt for modern Britain outside of the capital as the Millennium pantomime a decade ago. Surely all of Britain  should be represented as should have the true achievement of our people, the public services, the welfare state the new Blair right wing inside Labour hate as much as the new right within the Tories do like Mr Burley.

  • Lousiecheakygirl

    He shouldnt have been elected in the first place.  This was a safe Labour seat before the last GE. Time to get him out now

    • Bill Lockhart

       Yes, what were those pesky voters thinking?

      • Lousiecheakygirl

        Voters don’t think they simply follow fashions.

  • Guest

    Anyone with local knowledge know about possible candidates here?

    • Tate76

      lol, getting word that labour messed up selection. Burley! 5 more years!!

      • Guest

        ??? There’s been no selection yet, has there?

  • Mike1976

    he is typical of someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never done a hard days work in his life, and totally out of touch with normal everyday life, why do people vote these morons  into office?.

  • Robert_Crosby

    Cameron was praising this reptile to the skies just a very short while ago as the instigator of the campaign to curb trade union access to facilities at work.  Burley is the personification of evil.  His stupid comments last night are sadly almost certainly the tip of a very unpleasant iceberg.

  • saintlaw

    Burley has the sort of face that’s destined for prison.

  • Daniel Speight

    Aidan Burley, the Dan Hodges of the Tory Party.

    • Mark

      That’s going too far. There’s no call for language like that.

      • Daniel Speight

        Yes, another Telegraph  blog post. That’s why I used Hodges name in the comment.

        Only Hodges could attack Burley, not so much for what he says, but for when he said it, and then turn his post into an attack on Diane Abbott. Apparently, according to Hodges we should all keep quiet about politics for two weeks and certainly not mention government cuts to the NHS.

        I should also mention that Hodges also ‘bigs-up’ the Camerons for the wife being a patron of Great Ormand Street.

        So when Hodges says ‘Aidan Burley is something of a unique political specimen.’ I don’t think he has to look that far from home to find another. Then again it’s not really that unique. It looks like Hodges is following the Guido Fawkes path of hero worshiping the ‘style’ of Kelvin MacKenzie.

  • Uptighty Righty

    Aidan was right. I sympathise with him. I fell the same way at Christmas when all that lefty “goodwill to all man” stuff is going on and people seem less inclined to stick it to their neighbours before their neighbours stick it unto them. Dog eat dog. Law of the jungle. That’s the way life should be. Get the incentives right. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of poverty… I mean didn’t the Christian Saints find that starvation and privation often brought them closer to the Lord? No more of this bleeding heart compassion and sense of social justice. Christmas. Yeuch! Time off work for no good reason plus there’s all that giving presents and stuff to children and assorted lower class tykes and riff-raff and so on, well, more lefty garbage, eh? More froth and bubble. More lefty twaddle about “equality” and “progressiveness” and the “nobility” of man and – whatever! Idiots! The working classes were better off and happier when they knew their place and remained below stairs like well trained dogs.     

    • Mark

      Is that Liam Byrne writing a post using a nom de plume?

      • treborc1

         Purnell me thinks

    • Brumanuensis

      Amen brother.

    • Mike1976

      here is another conservative tosser who i would love 5 minutes with alone.

      • Just_Another_Voter

        A Labour supporter that threatens with violence. Are you Tony Blair?
        Or are you just another keyboard warrior getting a bit brave from behind your monitor.

        Unless of course the post actually excited you and you’re admitting that 5 minutes is all you can last?

        • PeterBarnard

          ” … just another keyboard warrior getting a bit brave …”

          Er, don’t you see any irony as you yourself shelter in anonymity – as does Mr “Uptighty Righty?”

          Cowards, the pair of you. Give us your real names …

          And, yes, I am as posted : 400+ Labour Party members in Chester know me (plus a good few outside Chester

          • Just_Another_Voter

            No I see no irony at all. I was referring to the implied threat of violence which is a hallmark of the keyboard warrior.

            Anonymity has nothing to do with it. I see you singled out myself and the OP for this but not Mike1976 which is interesting.

            You are not anonymous because you obviously involved in politics publicly. I do not post any of my political views in my real name as I work and have clients who I presume have differing political views and I don’t really want it to interfere with my work.

            If I ever decided I wanted to get into politics as a career then maybe that will change. (Not likely as I have now had jobs in the real world for nearly 30 years and would be seen as odd).

          • PeterBarnard

            Actually, I’m not involved in politics “publicly.”

            I didn’t refer to Mike1976 because he didn’t raise the concept of “keyboard warrior.”

            I’ll tell you what I do find annoying and it’s that this is supposed to be a site for “Labour minded people.” It’s our club, if you like, but you and a few others have the sheer bad bl**dy manners to march into our club and start spouting off.

          • Just_Another_Voter

            I am not a member of any party. I did vote Tory last time just to be rid of Gordon Brown. At the moment I’d have difficulty voting for them again. I don’t vote tribally and have voted Labour previously.

            One thing I note on a lot of Labour blogs and newspaper columns is “If you don’t like it – f**k off – this is our site and our views.” Not exactly the best way to try and encourage people to vote for your party. Reminds me a lot of the authoritarian streak that alienated a lot of previous Labour voters.

          • A Nonny Mouse

            Always calling for names, aren’t you Peter.

            Keeping a list?

          • PeterBarnard

            I think “always” is a little exaggerated, Mr (Mrs?) Mouse.

            And (i) no, I am not “keeping a list” (ii) you don’t have to be so unpleasant.

        • Mike1976

          I doubt i would need 5 minutes, as we all know right wing tories are gutless  and would not turn up, or pay someone else to go.
          On a more serious note dont you think cutting benefits for the old, sick,
          and unemployed is violent!, or maybe its cowardly?
          I have been lucky enough to have worked all my life but will still stand up for the working classes.
          One more point, i hate that backstabbing double crossing conman TORY BLAIR!.

        • Ispokeontheinternet

          There’s a lot of Brits who are left leaning and are aggressive. A lot of left leaning people have had to fight and kill to protect the wants of the left.  

          I doubt Mike1976 is the only leftie that would like to have 5 minutes in a dark alley with arrogant Nazi toasting toffs like Burley. I can think of many parts of the UK Burley couldn’t show his face without getting roughed up. 

          On a personal note, I don’t think being left leaning means you have to be soft or perfect. There’s something cathartic about a dig in the head. 

      • Hugh

         Here’s another left-winger who’s had an irony bypass.

        • Mike1976

          Hugh, watch panorama tonight, thats the real world, not the,we are looking after people with real needs crap the tories keep preaching.

    • Bill Lockhart

      Hear, hear! There will be blood.

    • Bill Lockhart

      Hear, hear! There will be blood.

      • Bill Lockhart

         I did not write the above, it is the same sock-puppet coward as before.

        • PeterBarnard

          Whoever it is, Bill L, it certainly isn’t me – not that I thought that you had me in mind, anyway.

          • Bill Lockhart

             I would never have thought it was you,  Peter. From his prose “style” (sic) I suspect it’s the same person as Uptighty Righty. It seems that the Internet has incubated a form of wit even lower than sarcasm.

          • PeterBarnard

            It’s a funny world at times, Bill L. I guess the Internet may be comparable to what the News of the World used to post : “all human life is here.”

            I have to admit that I find it (the Net/blogging) a bit difficult at times. I guess one could say, “Welcome to a world without rules?”

          • Bill Lockhart

             I think all one can do is make rules for onesself and try to stick to them. I don’t always manage even that.

          • Saul On The Road

            Imitation is the sincerest form of philately.

    • Mark

      This is surely left-wing satire.

      • PeterBarnard

        That crossed my mind too, Mark (“left wing satire”). LaurenceB has a point, however.

        • Hugh

           His point being what? That at least five people can recognise and appreciate irony laid on with a trowel?

          • PeterBarnard

            How do we know, Hugh, that five people recognised irony and did not take it literally? It could have been any mixture of the two.

          • Hugh


            “Christmas. Yeuch! Time off work for no good reason plus there’s all that giving presents and stuff to children and assorted lower class tykes and riff-raff”

            “The working classes were better off and happier when they knew their place and remained below stairs like well trained dogs.”

            I’m afraid if I were a betting man I would wager the number of right-wingers who actually  share such sentiments is rather lower than the number of left-wingers so convinced of the moral depravity of their opponents they miss a rather obvious mickey-take.

          • PeterBarnard

            You are probably right, Hugh.

          • Hugh

             And you’re as reasonable and polite as ever – apologies if I was not.

          • PeterBarnard

            Thank you for the kind words, Hugh, although I am aware that I do fall short from time to time – and kick myself afterwards.

            Best wishes.

          • Saul On The Road

            When you say “right you mean “right-wing”, yes?

          • Hugh


          • PeterBarnard


    • LaurenceB

      Five likes (at the time of writing) for an idiotic comment advocating poverty, privation, starvation, child cruelty, inequality, and the cancellation of Christmas!


      • Hugh

        And at least a couple of people who can’t detect even the most heavy handed satire. Astonishing.

  • ManchesterMaddy

    Well, my last comment got deleted so I won’t express any agreement with what Burley said. But I will say this: The constant attempts to censor, shut down debate and start witch-hunts against anyone who says the ‘wrong’ thing reflect badly on Labour and the left in general.

    • jaime taurosangastre candelas

      I didn’t see your last comment, but there is certainly a tendency for some to press the “Flag as inappropriate” button, not because the comment is such, but because it exposes a contrary view that some find uncomfortable.

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  • Tonyf

    Aidan Burley: Please resign and allow the good peole of Cannock to elect am MP who is decent and not a stupid childish moron, wheichever party that person represents


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