Selections latest – new PPCs for Burton, High Peak and Peterborough

As well as Janos Toth being selected in Cannock Chase, the following candidates were also selected this weekend to fight the next election:

Burton: Jon Wheale is a regional advocate for Labour Friends of the Forces and CLP chair, and served with the Gunners in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

High Peak: Caitlin Bisknell has been re-selected to fight High Peak, having been the party’s candidate in 2010. She has been a borough councillor since 1999 and for the past year has served as Leader of High Peak Borough Council following Labour’s success in the 2011 local elections.

Peterborough: Lisa Forbes is a local councillor and full time mum who has lived in Peterborough for 25 years. She joined the party in 2010 and earlier this year trebled the Labour vote to take the party from a 20% vote share to 47% in a Tory ward to win her council seat.

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