Clegg is like “Billy Liar” and is “indulging in his own fantasy world”, says Michael Dugher

24th February, 2013 12:40 pm

Nick Clegg’s call this morning for the Tories to adopt “the politics of fairness” obviously had plenty of people choking on their cornflakes this morning, including Labour’s Vice Chair Michael Dugher, who had this to say about the Deputy Prime Minister:

“Nick Clegg is fast becoming the Billy Liar of British politics – indulging in his own fantasy world. He talks about the Government as if he is not even a member of it, let alone its Deputy Prime Minister.

“Clegg is lecturing Conservatives about adopting fairness when the Lib Dems have been complicit in every aspect of this Government’s unfairness – including cutting taxes for millionaires, whilst making millions of hard-pressed families on low and middle incomes pay more. 

“Clegg argues for a Mansion Tax, but he refuses to commit Lib Dems to joining with Labour in actually voting for a Mansion Tax in the House of Commons.

“No one believes a single word Clegg and the Lib Dems say any more. Despite their desperate attempts to differentiate themselves from the Tories, everyone knows that Lib Dems break their promises and that they continue to sustain the Conservatives in government.

“Clegg’s talk of the ‘politics of fairness’ is as shameless as it is weak”. 

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