Lib Dem councillor resigns (after just 8 months) due to anger at Coalition Government

7th February, 2013 12:02 pm

A Lib Dem councillor has quite the party just 8 months after being elected due to his anger at the Coalition Government (which has been in power for two and a half years – work that one out if you can).

WalesOnline reports that:

“Coun Holden said he had been “disillusioned” with the Liberal Democrats nationally for some time, but this had been compounded since his election by witnessing the behaviour of the Liberal Democrat group, as well as the other parties, in the council chamber.

He said the way some councillors conducted themselves was “atrocious” and he wanted to be free of the party political “machine”.”

It’s almost like he didn’t know what he was letting himself in for…

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  • NT86

    I’m surprised anyone would still stand newly as a councillor for the Lib Dems. Eight months ago was still 2 years into the coalition and really unpopular.

    Not sure if this cllr wishes to continue in local politics, but at least he hasn’t just jumped ship to another party. There’s been reports of several Lib Dems and at least one Green who’ve defected to Labour in the last year at council level. IMO if you wish to stand for those parties, you should first try to get elected as one rather than switching sides and keeping your seat on the council.

  • Amber_Star

    Guardian are reporting Ashcroft’s Eastleigh poll. Con 34, LD 31, Lab 19, UKIP 13. Can Labour improve on 19% with only 15 days to campaign & no candidate selected yet? I hope we can but it’s a big ask!


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