Labour seek recall of Parliament over Syria

26th August, 2013 7:56 am

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander has called for a recall of Parliament if the UK is considering military options against Syria.

Mr Alexander said:

“In light of on-going international developments, it is right that the UK works with the international community to try and find an agreed way forward in Syria.

“If, in reality, the Prime Minister is now considering military options involving UK personnel then of course I would expect him to seek a recall of Parliament and to come to the House of Commons and make his case in advance of a decision being made.”


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  • Let’s hope it goes to a vote. It’ll be interesting to see who creeps into the pro-bombing lobby.

    • leslie48

      What a a horrible phrase ” the pro-bombing lobby” ; What would you do just ignore the Syrian State chemical gassing of civilians on the outskirts of Damascus including thousands of children & mothers; as they carried the little body bags they pleaded for the world to do something and rightly so – such Army actions by Sryia broke all international law and the UN and the world has a profound moral duty to act on this atrocity. There is no creeping around or clever politics to be done ; there is profound horror at this latest massacre; we act as humanity together. How could any one in our party want to look the other way when civilians are being so shockingly oppressed by this State power. Your world is not the one I recognise.

      • “What would you do ”

        Press for a ceasefire – it is he best way to save lives.

        Bombing won’t end the violence. If the West bombs heavily enough to ensure regime change the West will have to put boots on the ground to prevent the Islamist and Al Queda affilitated rebels from taking possession of Assad’s biological arsenal. The guns of the rebels will then be turned on Western troops. The boots on the ground scenario is widely regarded as being unacceptable.

        If the West bombs only a few selected targets (as is being suggested) but not enough to change the balance of forces, nothing will change.

        Both courses of action will result in continuing civilian casualties.

        And that’s without even addressing the all important legal aspects.

        • leslie48

          There are some who want to turn this response to the gassing of many innocent civilians by the Syrian State as some sort of excuse for a bout of distorted anti- Americanism. Clearly it is UN led, it is international laws against humanity which are broken by the chemical gassing of Syrian children & their families. Do we really give a t*ss about Russia or China’s position – Japan and Italy and some others supported Hitler’s Germany when they started exterminating people. It is about morality here- its about all Europe, Turkey, Arabic nations and many others too expressing horror and yes strategically taking out these chemical gas facilities. Dithering about for 2 years has not stopped the onward horrors of this regime.

      • NT86

        Given that the alternative in Syria is Al Qaeda and all kinds of Saudi-exported Islamism, it’s a false choice.

        I don’t want our British troops (note MoD cuts) sent out into a conflict that has nothing to do with us. Syria is a hell hole and should be left alone. Do you really want another Islamist regime to take over Syria? Be a bit more critical of what’s reported in the news, because the opposition has been overshadowed by them for a while. Not exactly the kind of people who’d transition to democracy.

        Such a regime would slaughter on a much greater scale than Assad.

        • reformist lickspittle

          There is no possibility of troops on the ground.

          Thankfully, despite what Grandstanding Dave might wish.

        • leslie48

          No one is sending our troops, French, Europeans, Americans , Turks or Arabs into Syria as intervention will be focused; we are responding to an horrendous act of gassing of many citizens by the State and Army of Syria; the international community is acting to prevent the escalation of the Syrian horrors whereby illegal actions were taken by Assad’s people and the rest of the world is under obligation to take out these ‘gassing’ facilities. For most of us sitting on our hands is not an option – if its a ‘hell hole’ – your words that’s partly down to Russian’s defense of Assad. The time has passed and evil was committed last week to those children and women who died in their basement cellars as the gas descended. You ignore it others cannot and will not.


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