Syria outcome was “not what I wanted”, says Jim Murphy

Most MPs who cast their votes on Friday actually supported military action in Syria, according to Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy. Writing on his blog yesterday Jim Murphy says 492 MPs out of 550 voted in support of a “conditions-based potential use of UK military force” against President Assad in Syria. The Shadow Defence Secretary says many Labour MPs, including himself, did not want to rule out military action in Syria and Labour did not expect the vote’s outcome. “It’s not what I wanted,”  Jim Murphy admits. Calling for UN weapons inspectors’ reports was a responsible move by Labour, not  playing politics, he insists:

“Labour is not an isolationist party…It is not in our instincts or interests to turn away.” 

The Shadow Defence Secretary also argued that the UK could still get involved in military action if Syrian dictator Assad engages in another chemical atrocities, or attacks one of the UK’s allies.

Jim Murphy’s blog post paints a very different picture of the Labour front bench to the one shown by Diane Abbott last week, who said that she resolutely did not support military intervention in Syria.

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