Confirmed: Labour promise to scrap the gagging law

3rd April, 2014 4:54 pm

Labour have just announced that they will scrap the gagging law with this image online:

Labour gagging law


For the moment this is all we know, but we’ll post up more details as soon as we have them.

UPDATE: The announcement is currently being sent out by email from Ed Miliband to members, supporters and people who contacted Ed Miliband/the party about the issue. That means the party’s position on the Gagging Law was revealed as an online first.

In it, he says:

“I have been clear from the start that I oppose this gag on charities and campaigners, which was introduced with little consultation. If Labour wins the next election, we will remove it from the statute book.”

His specific promises are:

“If we win the election next year, the Labour government I lead will:

  • Repeal the changes to non-party campaigning rules, which create such an illiberal gag on charities and campaigners (i.e. the Section 2 you mentioned in your email to me) 
  • We will hold a full consultation with charities and campaigners to determine what reform we need in its place
  • We will ensure that any reform we bring in will both ensure transparency in elections and protect freedom of speech”

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  • Jeremy_Preece

    I saw two emails about this last night. First from Ed Milliband and then within minutes another one from 38 Degrees.
    That this bill ever made it through to the statue book is deeply sinister and a comment on the poor state of democracy in the UK today.
    Ed M has done the right thing here, although this announcement could have come some time ago.

    • gunnerbear

      I hate to say it but the announcement smacks of ‘We in Opposition will do ‘X’….” if elected.

      Of course ‘X’ are things like Open Government, making less paperwork secret, more democracy……oppositions love to promise all those things…..

      …..but then when they get into government and think, “Hellfire, we’ve got this plan and could do without loudmouths like ‘Group Y’ sounding off……well….we know we said we’d chop out certain laws……but you see…’s like this…..”

  • The Emperors New Clothes

    Didn’t the last Labour government bring in a whole raft of restrictions and bans aimed at gagging free speech, defending criminal rights above the rights of victims and individuals freedoms and liberties.These are just some of them.

    The Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, or the handgun ban, so effective, now only the criminals have them. to many a sport legally pursued by enthusiasts for centuries.

    Public Order Act 1988(amended in 2004), The Jokes ban on Religion and race.

    The Crime and disorder Act 1998, introduced ASBO’s and repealed the death sentence for treason(ask Tony Blair the reason about the second one)

    The Terrorism Act 2000 only meant to be temporary but mostly remains today. So great the police first used it to arrest 82-year-old activist Walter Wolfgang who was thrown out of the Labour party conference for heckling Jack Straw in 2005

    The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001;initially enabled the home secretary to indefinitely detain, without charge or trial, foreign nationals who are suspected of terrorism – a system now replaced with control orders after the House of Lords ruling and extends executive powers over freezing bank accounts and assets of suspected terrorists.

    the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005;restricts the activities of individuals it suspects of “involvement in terrorist-related activity”, but for whom there is not sufficient evidence to charge. What happened to prima facie evidence, part of rights since Magna Carta.

    The Terrorism Act 2006; Extends police powers to hold terrorist suspects from 14 days to 28 days without charge
    the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008. Makes further provision about the detention and questioning of terrorist suspects .

    The Human Rights Act 1998. writes into law the supremacy of the ECHR court into the UK court system and left governments impotent to deport foreign criminals and gives criminals the right to a family life. Some have dubbed it the criminal lawyers charter.

    The Health Act 2006. banned smoking in public buildings, even for smoking clubs, private members clubs and pubs that still wanted it.

    All for our “safety and security” So safe and secure, no one dares to [email protected] anymore. Labour would be the last people I would vote for, if you value your freedom and liberties. Vote UKIP

    • Doug Smith

      Let’s not forget that a long-standing 82-year-old Labour Party member, Walter Wolfgang, was arrested under the Terrorism Act during the Labour Party conference in 2005.

      And what was Walter’s crime? Heckling a speech by Jack Straw wherein Straw attempted to justify the Iraq disaster.

      As Walter pointed out: “When you have an international debate that does not deal adequately with the international issues of the day, the least you can do, if someone is talking nonsense, is say so.”

      Well, I suppose the 82-year-old was lucky the EU’s militarised police, the European Gendarmerie Force, weren’t sent in to deal with him.

      • The Emperors New Clothes

        The Labour party when in office, were in the process of smashing Common law, which has been developed in this country for at least 1000 years, probably longer. Maybe because it contradicts with european law. In their system they have the assumption of guilt, where the accused has to prove their innocence. Our law states the assumption of innocence, and it’s up to the State to prove guilt and no charges can be brought unless sufficient evidence can be presented, in a court of law.
        The Conservatives are not much better for they brought in the EU European Arrest warrent which certainly goes against Prima facie evidence and Habius Corpus in Common Law.
        Now a plaintiff somewhere in the EU can put in a claim against an individual, with a simple form, in another member state, then transported to that State, not be brought to trial or see a judge, with no evidence presented, in some cases, years without trial or the right to see the evidence against them.
        You may have noticed the Tories are not going out of their way to repeal any of these laws mentioned.

        Once your rights are gone they are gone forever it seems

        • Doug Smith

          A serious threat threat arises from the militarisation of the EU.

          David Miliband when Foreign Secretary was asked for, but failed to give, assurances that the European Gendarmarie Force would never be deployed in the UK. Once they are deployed there is no EU mechanism by which a ‘host’ state can have them removed.
          Cameron has been pushing for the deployment of the EGF in Ukraine.

          And then there’s the 19 battalion strong European Battlegroup.

          With the abscence of democracy within the EU and an unelected foreign policy chief (Baroness Ashton), one has to ask in whose interests will these military forces act.

          Will they be turned against us at some future date if the UK opts to refuse the EU’s neoliberal agenda?

          Best to get out asap so we don’t have to find out.

          • The Emperors New Clothes

            Scary stuff. this site has deleted by last replies. I guess the truth is not palable for Labour.


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