A day on the road with a Tory mole

20th August, 2014 10:36 am

It’s quite amusing when you spot you are being infiltrated by someone from the other side. You are faced with the choice: do we tell him we know or do we keep him with us. We went for the latter.

Tory rosette 2014-04-22 11-42-50
So for any Tory kids out there thinking of doing something similar here’s a handy idiots guide of top tips for those attempting to go behind enemy lines.

1.   Remember what your name is supposed to be when asked.  Even Grant Shapps remembers to call himself ‘Michael Green’

2.   If you say you are from Oxford Labour Club, make sure you can name at least one other member of that Labour Club.

3.   Don’t sign up to join the Party the day before you attempt to infiltrate – we have something called a “membership list”, y’know.

4.   Don’t try and hide at the back in group photo at the start of the day.

5.   And when asked what voters said to you when out on #labourdoorstep don’t parrot a key Tory attack line – voters don’t talk like Tory press releases. Oh, and don’t keep going on about “Central Office” and “A -List MPs” – we don’t have those in the Labour Party.

I suppose you can’t blame the poor kid for trying. But James Bond? This guy was certainly not….

 Jon Ashworth is the MP for Leicester South – and a Labour Party Campaign Deputy

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