IDS casts doubt over official number of disabled Bedroom Tax victims

14th August, 2014 1:37 pm


Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Minister, has called into question the accuracy of figures released by his own department that show the Bedroom Tax disproportionately affects people with disabilities. According to the Department for Work and Pensions Impact Assessment, 63% of those affected by the Bedroom Tax suffer from a disability. However, when this point was raised on LBC radio, Duncan Smith seemed to suggest the figure could not be trusted because they are based on “self-declaration”.

Duncan Smith said: “The figures you use are figures used for people’s self-declaration of their disability under the Disability Discrimination Act”,although did not mention that they came from an official DWP report.

The minister then attempted to clarify that he wasn’t suggesting that people were lying about their disabilities, which makes it unclear why he brought the distinction up at all:

“I’m not saying they’re right or they’re wrong. I simply say that’s their declaration. There’s no ongoing check. About a third are in receipt of something like DLA, which of itself is a payment to support housing costs.”

In the interview he also said he was “a little surprised” to learn that the Lib Dems will now stand on a platform opposing the Bedroom Tax in 2015:

“We were fully engaged in this one for three years, and I didn’t hear anything from them in that time, so I was a little surprised to hear them say they had apparently discovered the secret to this programme, when we had discussed it in depth and detail.”

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  • Mukkinese

    I really hope that when Labour get in they show the wreckage of lives and suffering caused by this despicable, vicious toad…

    • Cenotaph

      Or put him in jail. Just for a couple of years.

      • casual agent

        How about dragging him kicking and screaming to The Hague to face charges on Human Rights Abuses?

  • Monkey_Bach

    Out of a catalogue of failures and awful things that Cameron has done or commissioned to be done during his stint as Prime Minister, rehabilitating and bringing lying, incompetent, delusional and intellectually challenged Iain Duncan Smith (whom the Conservatives themselves formerly dumped as leader) back into government was quite possibly the worst. How many lives has this half-mad idiot’s meddling ruined or ended? However, even an inveterate prevaricator like George Iain Duncan Smith does once in a while utter the occasional truth and the Liberal Democrats did appear to be fully behind Smith’s abortive Bedroom Tax, with Clegg himself over-defending and bigging it up in Parliament many times while standing in for Cameron at PMQs.

    (The unspeakable Smith though definitely merits being put up against the wall.)


    • treborc1

      And let me have the rifle it would be a pleasure

      • casual agent’ll need some ammo…hehehe


    Do not underestimate the mendacity of a quiet man!

  • carlton temple-powell

    The IDS-Culture has even taken hold at the BBC with hyped stories about benefit cheats passing as entertainment. Even taking the latest BBC news website survey you will be asked ‘if you have a disability that prevents you from working’. A question that is oddly unrelated to every other question on the survey. What is going on? Why has one man been allowed to spread this culture of distrust and suspicion against the disabled? Labour must declare disability to be outside the political debate so that the disabled are protected from institutionalized disability-hate.

    • treborc1

      No different then Blair though we forget that Blair was the one who started all this off and his love affair with ATOS and UNUM Provident and the WCA and the ideology of the American way of doing things. All IDS is doing is just carrying on the attacks. I bet Blair will be saying it right it’s the way to go, look at the attack on the Unions by Miliband Blair was having wet dreams.

  • Steve Stubbs

    A simple FOI request from our shadow minister will provide the actual figures of how many of those who have lost income through this are actually in receipt of a welfare payment for disability. It’s not rocket science to get real figures, the data must be there already. Then we will know what IDS is hiding.

    • carlton temple-powell

      Not only that but we need to see Labour’s top political figures openly criticize ‘Disability-Doubt’ and promise to end the social prejudices that have seen a huge rise in disability hate crime. We need new legislation to stop Print and TV media from demonizing disabled people. Labour has to take sides on this issue and defending the disabled is more important than bashing the tiny number of disability related benefit cheats. We can see that IDS and certain sections of media are changing attitudes towards the disabled. This is dangerous and Labour must stop it.

    • casual agent

      Steve..nice idea but he would worm his slimy way out of that too and probably blame his departed little office girl Esther McVey most likely? ..There isn’t a rock small enough that this vile reptile wouldn’t be able to crawl under!

  • PoundInYourPocket

    So where does it say in the regs that DLA is intended to cover “housing costs” such as rent ? DLA is to cover the additional living expenses incurred by being disabled, not for rent subsidy. This man is an inveterate liar; a sheer fantasist. And of course you are only “disabled” if an ATOS clerk says so, your own opinion and that of a GP is worthless.


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