“A Labour government is within our grasp” – Ed Miliband’s message for Scotland

Ed Miliband will join senior Scottish Labour politicians in Blantyre (just outside Glasgow) this morning to kick off his latest intervention in the Scottish referendum campaign as we reach the final two weeks. He will be joined by Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Anas Sarwar and Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran. Before campaigning with local politicians and Scottish Labour Party activists, Miliband will deliver a short “stump speech” – here’s what he’s expected to say:

Miliband devolution Leeds

The Labour movement has always been a movement for change. A movement with its eyes on a better future.

Today I want to talk to those across Scotland who are making up their minds whether to vote no or yes.

My message to all those voters that share our passion for change is this: The choice in this referendum campaign is not about change with yes or more of the same with No.

No. It is what kind of change you want.

The change we need to build a fairer country with Labour, or the change of erecting a new border which is the only ambition of nationalists.

I want to be very clear about the change I offer you in just eight months as Prime Minister.

It is a changed Labour Party that is ready to change Britain. This is my contract with the people of Scotland:

We will freeze your energy bills.

We will raise the minimum wage.

We will introduce fairer taxes, including a new lower starting rate of 10p and a new higher rate of 50p.

We will tax the bankers’ bonuses and put our young people back to work.

We will abolish the bedroom tax. Abolish it in Dundee, in Glasgow, but also in Carlisle, Newcastle and Nottingham. Because if you care about social justice you care about the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable wherever they happen to live..

We will devolve more powers over tax, social security and the work programme.

This is my plan for social justice.

What is the SNP plan?

A 3p cut in corporation tax. Low taxes for the richest with no return to the 50p rate. No the energy price freeze. And an end to the social justice of the United Kingdom.

Because companies will be competing across borders seeking to push down wage rates and tax rates and make your terms and conditions worse.

Now the SNP want to tell you we can’t defeat the Tories. They are wrong.

Change is coming in the UK. The Tories are on their way out. They are losing their MPs. They are defecting, divided and downhearted. Even Ruth Davidson says David Cameron isn’t on course to be in Downing Street in a matter of months.

A Labour government is within our grasp. With that election in just 8 months time the change Scotland needs is on its way. Electing a Labour government is the way to change Scotland. It is the way to build a just Scotland. The choice for social justice is NO not yes.

Let’s make that change happen together.

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