Liz McInnes selected for Heywood and Middleton by-election

15th September, 2014 10:11 pm

Liz McInnes has been selected as the Labour candidate for the Heywood and Middleton by-election on October 9th. With a majority of 5,971, Labour are expected to hold the seat, but McInnes is likely to face stiff competition from UKIP. We will bring you more information of the selection as soon as we have it.

McInnes is a councillor in Rossendale, a few miles outside the constituency, works as a healthcare scientist and is a Unite union rep. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Congratulations to Liz and commiserations to the other candidates. Let’s hope to see a Labour hold on October 9th.

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  • Danny

    It’s not who Progress would have wanted, so it has got to be good news.

    • treborc1

      Maybe so but she sounds like Miliband lot, Labour is the answer for hard working people. To be a laboiur voter these days you have to be hard working it’s the new mantra do not vote for us unless your hard working.

      “People in Heywood and Middleton have been let down by this Tory-led
      Government. For working people things are getting tougher. Getting a
      doctor’s appointment is too difficult and people are worried about the
      future of Rochdale Infirmary, North Manchester General and Fairfield
      General. And we all know that UKIP aren’t the answer – they don’t share
      our values.

      “Only Labour can make Britain better off, putting hardworking families first with a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.”

      • Danny

        Oh dear, another mouthpiece for the language of Westminster, more commonly known as bullsh*t.

        • reformist lickspittle

          She was doing alright until the last bit, tbf.

          Her account on Twitter seems to have vanished, btw…..

          • ColinAdkins

            Friend of mine on Facebook. Strong Party and Union activist (Unite). A strike against the Oxbridge lodge so good by me.

            But alos a United fan which I normally hold against people but not on this occassion.

          • Stan

            It’s par for the course for by-election candidates. The party machinery either takes control of their social media or they have to delete their accounts and set up new ones, controlled by the party of course.

    • PurpleHaze

      Looks like the bye-election is over before it started if you read elsewhere. Simon Danczuk and his friends have taken over the Labour camapign. Simon Danczuk has spent years attacking the ex-MP Jim Dobbin and is very disliked by both local Labour members and the voters in the constituency.Apparently the locals are boycotting the campaign and Danczuk has resorted to bussing in people from the Labour conference. Meanwhile UKIP are mopping up the voters who dislike Danczuk.

      • Stan

        It’s normal for outsiders to come in and help in by-elections. Not sure why Danczuk is involved, it’s usually local party organisers or they parachute someone in from HQ who run the campaign.

  • treborc1

    Jesus the BNP are back. I thought you had left the planet

    • parawayne

      I was actually a conservative voter. My father ex marine a Labour supporter. Guess what after 59 years of voting Labour he has switched to ukip. Laugh that off. I wonder how many others have woken up to the treachery of the Labour party. Your own spin doctor went public and ADMITTED what Labour did. You now disgust the working class who’s money you fritter away . Working for years, can’t get in the doctor’s, born n bred? Yet can’t get a council flat. You are truly the epitome of the word ” quislings “

  • treborc1

    Sad mate really sad, even with all the issue I have with labour who the hell wants UKIP in power.

    • Steve Stubbs

      Nobody wants UKIP in power, even Farage. It’s just the protest vote party of the moment, now the libdems have imploded. Farage would be horrified if he ever had to actually try and run something.

  • Diane Warriner

    Liz Mcinness how can you tell blatant lies to your constituents about another party you should be had up for libel, if lieing is the only way you can get votes you do not deserve to be a coucillor . I challenge all your constituents to see for theirselves just what a liar you are see how many of them trust you with their vote then. Check out UKIP policies on NHS . I cannot believe anyone can be so stupid as to lie about something which can 100% proves you are a liar

    • Danny

      “I would argue that the very existence of the NHS stifles competition”.

      “I would like to congratulate the coalition government for bringing a whiff of privatisation into the beleaguered National Health Service”

      “the NHS … is not fit for purpose in the 21st Century”

      These quotes, maam, are from the website of Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP. They have been deleted.

      There is no mention of TTIP at all in the UKIP manifesto, an international agreement that would potentially leave the elected UK government open to be sued by corporations if they lose out on private health contracts. Labour are timid on the subject, but at least Andy Burnham has come out seeking assurances from the current government that the NHS will be exempt from this anti-democratic piece of trash. UKIP’s silence on the matter speaks volumes.

      Your new golden boy Carswell was supportive of Lansley’s health reforms, which opened the door to NHS privatisation. He’s even written a book promoting GP charges and having patients “haggle” over appointments. In 2012-2013 he claimed more expenses than any other Essex MP and in 2007 spent £655.00 of our money on a love-seat. He used expenses to buy furniture and crockery and felt it “entirely justified”.

      You are a party funded by ex-Tory donors, donors who have stopped giving their 30 pieces of silver to the Tories because they are not right-wing enough.

      If Liz McInnes is spreading lies about UKIP then she’s very silly. Your pathetic party provides enough evidence of incompetence, deceitfulness and idiocy to not have to make up even more.

      • Diane Warriner

        Please tell me in what way they are deceitful ? A lot of the party are new to politics so may seem incompetent all the parties have incompetent people in them . Do you believe we should be throwing money at the EU? I predict they will takeover our beloved England totally if we do not get out , The EU are dictators with no democracy, it does not matter what we want they dictate we Obay.

  • Diane Warriner



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