Johann Lamont calls for truce with Nicola Sturgeon to solve NHS crisis

8th October, 2014 11:39 am

It’s rumoured leader of Scottish Labour, Johann Lamont will call on SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon to put party politics aside and agree on a review that will aim to solve the crisis facing the NHS.

johann lamont

In a speech today, Lamont will say that although the NHS must be protected from privatisation, “the real threat comes from rising costs and demographic change.”

Lamont will explain that light of the nature of the NHS’s problems, politicians from across the political spectrum must work together to protect the health service:

“For too long, party politics has got in the way of taking long-term decisions over our NHS. Time after time, vested interests have been put above patients. We know Scottish patients have suffered as a consequence of staff shortages, missed targets and lack of capacity,” she will say.

“The only way we can move beyond this impasse is to take this issue out of the hands of politicians and put it in the care of the experts, who can work with the public to fix our NHS.

“In order that this becomes more than a talking shop, all political parties should sign up to this process and be bound by the results.”

If all parties, including the SNP, were to agree to putting this report ahead of party politics, they would be bound to comply with the report’s recommendations.

As well as making this plea, and in line with what we reported a couple of weeks ago, it’s also rumoured that Lamont will quell rumours that she’s going to stand down as Scottish Labour leader before the Holywood elections in 2016.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments…

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  • swatnan

    At last someone with commonsense. We need a new ‘Beveridge-type Report’ on the NHS, to include Health and Social Care, for the next 50 years. And that means all Parties working together, in the interest of all of us, and not just for their own special interest.

    • DaveAboard

      I agree entirely. Sadly, for as long as big business can purchase influence through donations, sponsorship and lobbying, and for as long as politicians are prepared to accept the bumper cash-bungs and well paid directorships and “consultancies” on offer, to paraphrase Spock, “the needs of the few will far outweigh the needs of the many”.

      • treborc1

        Yes but not paid for out of the benefits the sick the disabled get surely.

  • Northerner

    I agree 100%. Cross-party committees using experts and interaction with the public and public organisations should formulate ALL long-term policy. Our present winner takes all and restructures everything is a damaging and stupid way to run a country..

  • Doug Smith

    This is a desperate attempt by Scottish Labour to regain credibility following the disastrous BT coalition with the Tories.

    Remember, the Labour Party introduced big capital into the NHS and privatised and marketised as fast as they could.

    Labour/Progress cannot be trusted to defend what’s left of the publicy owned and publicly accountable NHS.

  • Daniel Speight

    It does seem that the Scottish Labour Party is in desperate need of new leadership. With Sturgeon seemingly being to the left of Salmond it’s hard to see Lamont’s lack of visible principles can be anything other than a loser in 2015.

  • MincePie

    The real threat comes from a Westminster run alternately by a blue Tory and Pink Tory cabal who are incompetent, advised by corrupt consultancies, and believe the answer is a welfare cap and austerity.
    The Scottish NHS, just as the English NHS, has the problem of Gordon Brown’s PFI albatrosses hanging round its neck.
    Johann campaign to scrap Trident, spend the European average on Defence and spend the savings on the NHS. Dont campaign to scrap free prescriptions that will only cost the NHS more in the long term. Dont campaign againt minimum pricing for alcohol. There are a couple of suggestions for starters.

  • Stan

    Is the NHS in trouble Johann? WoW! Things have changed so much in less than a month in SLAB world.


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