Miliband calls for “unity and discipline”

Ed Miliband Iraq airstrikes

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Ed Miliband – he’s been attacked over his conference speech and faced criticism following Labour’s narrow win in Heywood and Middleton last week.

However, last night at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party he set the record straight. He told MPs:

“We have had four years of unity. I am not going to let us, seven months before an election, start lapsing into the bad habits of the past.”

He said that winning next May was “absolutely doable” and “within out sights”, stressing “I am not going to let that opportunity slip away.”

This is surely a welcome intervention from Miliband following recent upsets. It also came ahead of news that a rumoured reshuffled was most likely not on the cards.

It looks like for the moment, Miliband is concentrating on keeping the team he has united in order to win in May.

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