Cameron isn’t the only one running from debates

14th January, 2015 3:53 pm

It turns out David Cameron isn’t the only one who’s refusing to take part in public debates with other politicians.

Joining him are Deputy PM Nick Clegg and fellow Conservative Karl McCartney.


This morning Clegg formed an unlikely coalition with Miliband and Farage when they sent identical letters to Cameron, warning him that TV debates would go ahead without him.

Yet while Clegg may be happy to take part in nationally televised debates, he’s refused to debate with Oliver Coppard, Labour’s candidate for Sheffield Hallam – the seat where the Deputy PM is currently the MP. Clegg has also ruled out speaking at any public events where Coppard will also appear. This is despite the fact that polls of the constituency put the candidates next and neck.

Meanwhile, McCartney, the MP for Lincoln has followed Cameron’s example by turning down invitations to debate with Labour’s candidate for the constituency, Lucy Rigby. In a joint invitation from three media outlets, including the BBC, McCarnet has been asked to attend a televised debate, which would also be live on the radio and the internet, but he has so far refused.

Rigby has criticised McCartney’s decision:

“It doesn’t surprise me that Karl McCartney doesn’t want to defend his poor record but I do think it’s a shame for Lincoln residents that he’s ducking a big debate like this. Lincoln needs to be represented by someone who will work hard and stand up for our city – over the last 3 years, I have been trying to show people that that’s exactly the kind of MP that I would be.”

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