Labour criticise Government’s decision to deny grandparents visa for five-year-old’s funeral

Yesterday, it emerged that the grandparents and auntie of Andrea Gada – a five-year-old girl who was killed at the end of last year after being hit by a car – have been refused a visa to enter the UK.

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They applied for a visa to come to Andrea’s funeral. Yet the three, who live in Zimbabwe, were told they were denied a visa for two reasons: 1) they had not travelled out of Zimbabawe before 2) they could not demonstrate a regular income

This is despite the fact that Andrea’s grandparents have previously travelled to South Africa and returned back to Zimbabwe.

David Hanson, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, has strongly criticised the Government’s decision. He explained:

“It’s very disappointing that just hours after the Prime Minister promised to look at this case, the Home Office were sending out another rejection letter.  The Minister seems to be treating this as just another immigration case despite all parties calling for the Government to find a humane and compassionate solution for a family facing terrible tragedy.”

“The government need to fully explain the reason why this request can’t be met, why the offer of guarantees and the community support already shown is being ignored and the Prime Minister needs to live up to his word and examine this case personally.”

Andrea’s parents, Charity and Wellington, have also written a letter to David Cameron asking him to reconsider the decision.

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