“We will change Scotland” – Scottish labour launch new election broadcast

21st January, 2015 4:30 pm

scottish labour change

Hot on the heels of a poll that shows 52% of Scots are planning to vote SNP in May, Scottish Labour have a new election broadcast out tonight. The video – produced by Silverfish – is focused on the need for change in Scotland – and it features a direct appeal from Jim Murphy to those who voted for independence, as well as those who voted against. Here it is:

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  • gavin

    Kim Murphy ?
    Or Kim Jong-un ?

    • gavin

      Oh shucks—the editor has sorted his “Kim Murphy” typo, which renders my comments pointless.
      “The moving finger writes, and having miss-writ, corrects.”

    • treborc1

      Well OK he’s a Blair-rite and a member of the Progress group but if you actually look at his voting he is without doubt more of a left then most, it’s always interesting to see how people vote.

      Voted for money benefits for those on long term sickness, voted for people to get more benefits and if you look at Miliband the only people he is speaking to are those lucky enough to be in work.

    • Doug Smith

      Murphy, like the ‘No’ campaign, has the full backing of the Establishment.

      He’ll receive more than a favourable hearing in the mainstream media.

  • Repunitprimes

    Of course there needs to be change but it is Labour and Mr Murphy who need to change.

    First change, do not troop through the same lobby as Tories over austerity measures or Trident renewal.

    Second change accept that devolution is here to stay at the very least and work with it not against it.

    Bombs before bairns? Social democrat? Not a unionist? Answers please Jim.

  • Donald Stavert

    First Class broadcast well done Jim

  • Robert Leslie

    Good stuff from Scottish Labour – the make-up of the Westminster parliament will impact massively upon Scotland. A big vote for the SNP could well prevent Labour forming the next government – bad for Scotland and the rest of the Union. This needs saying repeatedly, so a good start Mr Murphy.
    Not so sure about portraying the Nats as part of the ‘establishment’ but it it’s an interesting line of attack.
    Keep it up Jim!

    • gavin

      The vote in Scotland will NOT prevent the formation of a Labour government. Only Labour refusing to make a deal would do that.
      Home Rule for Scotland ?—its what Keir Hardie wanted.

  • BobbyS

    It’s a good video in my opinion, very slick and a good speech that makes the core point: this is an election about who the next Westminster government is, not independence.

    • gavin

      Trouble is, we have had Labour governments at Westminster fairly recently, and people remember what Scottish Labour MP’s did.
      Clue—–not a lot !

      • BobbyS

        I understand well enough that you’re trying to spin this line that there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories and that it’s essentially irrelevant who governs the country. That’s fine if you believe that, but for the rest of us it’s about as convincing as a paper padlock.

  • Mukkinese

    The only party that has a chance of replacing the Tories in the U.K. government is Labour.

    It is as simple as that.

    Do the Scots hate Labour more than the prospect of another five years of the Tories?

    We shall see…

    • Heidstaethefire

      Oh dear, do we have to tell you again? In the 2010 election, we returned FORTY ONE Labour MPs and, guess what, we still got a Tory government. It is NOT Scotland’s historic mission to save Labour from disaster. Even if there is a Labour government after the election, it won’t change anything very much. Oh and BobbyS, you’re right, it’s not about independence, it’s about what we were promised and didn’t get – Devomax/Home rule.

      • Steve Stubbs

        You can of course point to where and when you were promised either Devomax or home rule?. You were promised stronger powers, that’s what is being proposed.

        Oh yes. and you lost the vote. Get over it.

        • Heidstaethefire

          Brown promised home rule as Keir Hardie envisaged it. Darling was asked ( on B.B.C. News) about more powers after a putative “no” vote – let’s call it Devomax said the interviewer, Jackie Bird. He agreed. Cameron said “the status quo is not an option.” How much more do you need? You’re right about the vote on independence. But if you knew anything about politics in Scotland, you would know these things, and you would also know that the debate about Scotland’s governance is still very much alive. If you need a reading list to get you up to date, get back to me.


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