Labour’s new election broadcast brings focus around to the economy

25th February, 2015 3:40 pm

Labour PEB economy

Labour have a new party election broadcast (PEB) hitting TV screens tonight, called “Britain does well, when working people do well”. It focuses on Labour’s plan for the economy, especially on jobs and wages.

Narrated by actor David Morrissey, it will be screened on BBC One, BBC Two and ITV this evening, but you can watch it exclusively here first:

The advert outlines five key points for securing Britain’s prosperity:

1. Balancing the books fairly

2. A pay rise for hardworking Britain

3. Control immigration

4. Opportunities for the next generation

5. Backing Britain’s businesses

The video was trailed with a 15 second teaser clip on the Labour Party’s Instagram account. While Instagram is a difficult network to grow on (it does not operate on the same type of shareable content as other platforms), we understand that Labour will increasingly using social media to push out messages and themes early over the coming months.

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  • treborc1

    Lets hope for labour sake those in work think labour are worth bothering with, the pensioners I suspect will now think the Tories are the way to go labour is scared stiff of talking about any one other then the lucky few in work..

    I’ve written to my Union today to tell them to pay my levy to Charity, nothing in Labour worth bothering with totally Progress these days..

    • Mukkinese

      Surely the time to pressurise Labour is after the election, preferably when they are in power?

      No matter what we might think of the state of the party, they are still a very long way from the Tories…

  • bikerboy

    Are you *sure* that if I watch this it will actually mention the economy? It didn’t end up on the cutting room floor?

    • wolfman

      Aren’t you hilarious !!………..Your sense of humour would go down a treat on Conservative home..

  • snowright

    What a load of tripe!!

  • David Battley

    I suspect this will be considered a somewhat timid offering by some on LL, and of course the devil is in the detail, but I am pleased that concrete ideas actually are being presented into the mainstream. 2 and 5 in particular may need to be explored quickly as they don’t appear to be particularly favourable bed-fellows.

    Also, on a slightly more nerdish theme: why the change of verb conjugation? Worse, why the sentences without verbs?

    If I had seen this in a presentation, and without exploring anything else I’d have insisted on seeing it rewritten as:

    1. Balancing the books fairly
    2. Ensuring rising pay for hardworking Britain
    3. Controlling immigration
    4. Creating opportunities for the next generation
    5. Backing Britain’s businesses


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