David Cameron doesn’t know how much the Living Wage is

David Cameron was on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat this evening. The young voters gave the PM a rough ride (it’s worth listening to in full), but one segment stands out – when Cameron admitted he doesn’t know what the Living Wage is…


Interviewer: You know how much the living wage is, don’t you?

Cameron: Depends on different parts of the country.

Interviewer: Outside London then?

Cameron: For instance Downing Street, actually, we pay the living wage. You know, I want more and more parts of government …

Interviewer: Do you know what the living wage is?

Cameron: It’s different in different parts of the country.

Interviewer: Outside London?

Cameron: I don’t have the figures in my head but it’s more than, the living wage, different

Here’s how that sounded:

The Living Wage outside of London is currently £7.85 per hour. It’s £9.15 in London.

(image via @markdistefi)

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