Miliband seems likes he wants to win more than Cameron, poll finds

28th April, 2015 11:18 am

Yesterday David Cameron gave a speech in which he attempted to show his ‘passion’ by saying he’s ‘pumped up’ for the rest of the election campaign. However, prior to this display of election fervour from the Tory camp, YouGov did some polling for The Times Red Box on this very subject.

Ed Miliband

They asked respondents:“of David Cameron and Ed Miliband, which one comes across as wanting to win the most.” Miliband got almost double the amount of votes that Cameron did, at 43% to 25%.

Of course, if Cameron continues to give the kind blustering displays of zeal he did yesterday, this could all change before polling day. And none of this means people will vote Labour just because they think Miliband seems like he wants to win more.

But coming across as invested and determined, is no bad thing.

YouGov also asked: “who seems to be enjoying the campaign the most?” Neither Miliband or Cameron came out particularly well, with 13% and 7% respectively. Although it is worth noting, Miliband again got almost double the percentage Cameron did. The SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon was rated as the politician who seems to be enjoying the campaign the most, with 34% (unsurprising, considering her party’s standing in Scottish polls) while UKIP’s Nigel Farage got 16%.

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  • paul barker

    An average of the polls on saturday gives a Con lead of 0.7%. The average for monday was a Con lead of 1.7%. Thats only 7 polls though, could be a blip.

    • nottinghampaul

      Isn’t there a Fibdemlist or something similar for you to bore everybody on or does it get a bit lonely there?

    • Richard Williams

      Thing is, are the constituencies not arranged slightly favourably to Labour… i.e. with the same % vote, Labour will win more seats?

  • Richard Williams

    As a small c voter, although I fear a Labour government, it would give me some pleasure in seeing Mr Miliband beat Mr Cameron and his (and most of his party’s) brand of conservatism.

    • Patrick Nelson

      I am a small c conservative, yet apart from during the worst of the Blair years I have supported Labour all my life, because the fact that Labour is progressive and modern is outweighed for me by the fact that Labour actually wants to help people.

      The Conservative Party on the other hand stacks society against the majority of the population and has long since stopped being conservative in anything other than name, rather they are an extremely radical capitalist party.

  • Sunny Jim

    I praying for Ed to win on the 8th but if he doesn’t and Cameron somehow cobbles together another coalition then he’s got to go.

    Straight away.


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