Miliband backs worker-owned mine in Commons speech

25th June, 2015 11:11 am

Ed Miliband

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband is not shying away from speaking in the House of Commons following May’s election defeat. Following a speech on inequality and a tribute to Charles Kennedy, who recently died, Miliband was back in the chamber today for Energy and Climate Change Questions.

Miliband spoke about Hatfield Colliery, an employee-owned coal mine in his Doncaster constituency, and asked minister Amber Rudd to do all she could to ensure that the colliery remains open until “at least” next summer.

He said:

“The Secretary of State will be aware of the very serious pressures that Hatfield Colliery in my constituency is currently under, in part as a result of the doubling of the carbon price floor earlier this year. Can I urge her to work urgently with her colleagues at BIS to ensure that the mine can at least stay open until the summer of next year as originally planned? Because fairness to workers in industries affected is an essential part of a just, low-carbon transition.”

Rudd replied that she was aware of the situation and was in contact with those at Hatfield Colliery.

Miliband’s decision to appear in the chamber is a marked departure from Gordon Brown’s post-leadership approach. The former Prime Minister maintained a very low-profile, rarely appearing in the House of Commons in order not to cause distractions for the party and new leader. Miliband, by contrast, appears to be looking to re-cast himself as a campaigning MP, particularly on inequality, and today’s appearance shows he will not shy away from raising constituency matters too.

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