Weekly survey: benefit cap reduction, immigration and the 50p tax rate

1st June, 2015 3:36 pm

have your say ll (long)

How should Labour react to the Tories’ plan to reduce the benefit cap from £26,000 to £23,000? In her response to the Queen’s Speech, Harriet Harman said that Labour was “sympathetic” to the cut. London Mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan has come out against it. It’s likely that he won’t be alone in the PLP on this one. But what do you think? Should Labour support the reduction? Or should it be against it?

On Friday evening, Yvette Cooper – one of the four leadership candidates – said Labour was “too squeamish” when it came to talking about immigration. What do you think of this? Do you agree with her? Or do you think she’s wrong?

Three of the four leadership candidates have given their views on Labour’s pre-election policy to raise the top rate of tax to 50p from 45p. Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have said they’re in favour of it, whereas Liz Kendall has said she’s against it. What do you think? Should Labour continue to say they’d increase the top rate of tax to 50p? Or would you rather they scrapped this policy?

Our weekly survey closes at 11am on Thursday. You can vote here.

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