Labour should oppose child tax credits limits, say LabourList readers

The debate over whether Labour should oppose the Government’s welfare bill has surfaced this week, increasing in ferocity as the days go by.

Harriet Harman, Labour’s interim leader, said earlier in the week that Labour shouldn’t oppose a number of measures in the bill – including plans to limit child tax credits to two children. While three of Labour’s leadership candidates – Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Jeremy Corbyn – have said they don’t support these measures.

The party have now climbed down and will put forward an amendment to the bill.

What do LabourList readers think? We asked the whether they believe Labour should support plans to limit tax credits to two children. A large majority of 76% think Labour should oppose these measures. While only 20% said they shouldn’t. 4% don’t know.

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Earlier in the week it was reported that Andy Burnham said he’d receive to do any interview with The Sun. Although we showed that this wasn’t what Burnham said (he said he wouldn’t give special favours to papers that attack him and his party) we asked our readers what they think of this issue. Should the next leader refuse to do an interview with The Sun?

The vote was split, but the balance did fall in favour of ‘no’. 50% said they shouldn’t refuse an interview while 41% said the next leader should. 10% said they don’t know.

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1,445 people voted in this week’s survey. Thankyou to everyone who took part.

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