Labour lost because they had “no clear alternative” to Tory austerity – Corbyn holds final regional rally in key marginal

“Labour lost the election because they had no clear alternative to the Tories’ unnecessary, self-serving austerity plans”, Jeremy Corbyn has said ahead of his final regional rally of the Labour leadership contest. Tomorrow he will speak at a rally in key marginal seats at the last election, Nuneaton.

Jeremy Corbyn

Nuneaton was 37 on Labour’s 106 target seat list. It was the first key marginal to declare its results and some regard it as an early indicator of Labour’s defeat in May.
Corbyn’s campaign seem to have chosen this seat as the final rally outside London to send a message that Corbyn is capable of winning back seats like Nuneaton. They say Corbyn’s “pro-investment, anti-austerity arguments and vision of a fairer Britain” would help Labour secure victory in such constituencies.
To underscore this message two MPs that lost their seats at the last election will share a platform with Corbyn. Chris Williamson, who lost Derby North by 41 votes, and Katy Clark, who lost North Ayrshire and Arran to the SNP. Corbyn’s campaign claim that “had there been a manifesto that posed a real economic alternative to austerity, they would both still be MPs.”
Over the course of the campaign Corbyn has spoken at 97 public rallies and meeting and addressed more than 50,000 people.“Labour lost the election because they had no clear alternative to the Tories’ unnecessary, self-serving austerity plans.“I’ve outlined policies which would provide decent jobs, homes, and schools, nurture high-skilled, socially productive industries and make Britain a fairer, more inclusive society.

“In packed-out rallies from Aberdeen to Essex, these ideas have received an amazing welcome, showing that people are thirsting for a proper alternative to the current savage cuts.

“I’m very much looking forward to going back to Nuneaton, where I’ll welcome people’s thoughts on how to keep building this amazing movement,” Corbyn said ahead of this event.
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