Momentum prepare to elect first national committee

14th January, 2016 10:25 am


Momentum will elect an interim national committee next month to draw up the group’s first “democratic, representative, inclusive and pluralist” constitution and put structures in place to pursue its aim of creating a “democratic, equal and just society.”

The committee will include people elected by regional meetings of delegates from verified local Momentum groups and representatives from affiliated trade unions and leftwing groups, such as the Labour Representative Committee. It will also include representatives from under-represented groups, such as BAME, disability, LGBT and women, to ensure balance. All delegates and committee members will have to be Labour Party members.

The committee will consult with Momentum activists to develop a constitution and structure that enables local groups to organise effectively in their communities; encourages trade union participation at local, regional and national level; and ensures the group is financially sustainable. It is then expected to devolve itself in six month and be replaced by a new committee elected through its new structures.

James Schneider, a spokesperson for the group, told LabourList: “Momentum is excited about the forthcoming formation of our first National Committee. It represents our next stage in creating an inclusive, participatory and effective organisation involving a wide range of stakeholders, including trade unions.”

Since its launch in October, Momentum has established over 100 local groups and campaigned across the country, including in the Oldham West byelection and most recently on the picket line with striking doctors. Most controversially it encouraged supporters to email Labour MPs urging them to vote against airstrikes on Syria, and its activities have raised fears that it will try to deselect Labour MPs opposed to Corbyn’s leadership. It denies this is an aim.

Over the next few weeks there will be a series of gatherings of delegates from verified local Momentum groups in its nine English regions, Scotland and Wales. Each will elect two delegates, at least one of whom must be a woman. The North West and the South East will have three delegates due to their size, at least two of whom must be women. And London will have four delegates, at least two of whom must be women. The gathering will also debate issues on the committee’s proposed agenda and present their own comments, proposals and amendments.

The committee will be made of 26 local group representatives, 12 representatives from affiliated left wing groups and two representatives from each affiliated group. Momentum is expected to announce which unions and existing left wing groups are affiliating over the next few weeks.

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