Dugdale rules out Scottish Labour support for a second independence referendum

24th June, 2016 5:29 pm

Kezia Dugdale 2

Kezia Dugdale has said Scottish Labour would not support another independence referendum in the face of the referendum result, saying Scotland does not need “more turmoil, more upheaval and more economic chaos”.

The Scottish Labour leader said the unresolved questions from the 2014 vote were still unanswered and repeating the independence referendum would bring instability.

Dugdale said the Leave verdict would damage the economy in Scotland, adding that devolved administrations must have a voice in the Brexit negotiation process.

“This is a bad result for jobs and for the economy in Scotland and across the UK. The priority now should be to stabilise the economy, protect jobs and make sure that we don’t lose access to the European market.

“It is right that the devolved governments of the UK will now play a key part in any discussions about our future relationship with the EU. It would not be right for any discussions to take place without representation for the devolved nations of the UK.

“Now is the time for calm heads. Labour’s manifesto ruled out a second referendum in the lifetime of this Parliament – we won’t be changing our minds any time soon.

“However, on the question of independence, many of the fundamental questions that were unresolved and unanswered in 2014, remain so. Not least the question of currency. What we don’t need today is more turmoil, more upheaval and more economic chaos.”

In opposition to the UK as a whole, Scotland voted to stay in the EU with 62 per cent of the electorate voting Remain. However, this was outweighed by Leave sentiment in England and Wales.

Northern Ireland faces a similar constitutional question. Some 55.8 per cent voted to stay in the bloc. The Out result has led to questions about how Northern Ireland will manage its land border with the Republic of Ireland, which remains in the EU.

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