Clean sweep for pro-Corbyn left wingers in NEC elections



Momentum-backed candidates have done a clean sweep in the National Executive Committee elections, winning all six places in the constituency section.

All of the candidates on the left wing Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) slate, supported by the Campaign for Labour Party (CLPD) and Momentum, were elected – meaning that no one from the Progress and Labour First slate made it onto the NEC. This section, elected entirely by Labour Party members, saw an unprecedented rise in the number of votes following a significant membership spike in the past year.

In the councillors’ representatives section Alice Perry and Nick Forbes were both easily elected. This section was less obviously factional, and Perry and Forbes are considered more independents, but the result is likely to be taken as solace by Corbynsceptics in the party.

The results in the constituency Labour Party (CLP) section were:

BLACK, Ann 100,999 Elected
SHAWCROFT, Christine 97,510 Elected
WEBBE, Claudia 92,377 Elected
WILLIAMS, Darren 87,003 Elected
WOLFSON, Rhea 85,687 Elected
WILLSMAN, Peter 81,863 Elected
REEVES, Ellie 72,514
IZZARD, Eddie 70,993
BAILEY, Bex 67,205
BAXTER, Johanna 60,367
DHANDA, Parmjit 53,838
AKEHURST, Luke 48,632
WHEELER, Peter 44,062
GALLAGHER, John 22,678
GUL, Amanat 14,693

The results in the council election were:

PERRY, Alice 2,991 Elected
FORBES, Nick 2,510 Elected
BOTHAM, Andy 480
BROWN, Matthew 377
BOLTON, David 332
DAVIES, Warren 261

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