Labour boosts vote in council by-elections but fails to take any seats

Labour doorstep vote elections

Labour failed to make any gains in council elections last night although it did increase its share of the vote in several wards.

The party missed out in Tower Hamlets in east London, which had been seen as its strongest chance of taking a seat, but boosted its performance after a vigorous local campaign.

Overall independent candidates gained two seats, the Tories gained one from UKIP and held one, and the Lib Dems snatched one from the Tories while one result was still to be declared this morning.

Labour’s vote share was down in Dorset and South Northamptonshire.

Tower Hamlets remains under Labour control after John Biggs won the re-run election last year. The vote was carried out after Lutfur Rahman was thrown out of office in disgrace following electoral malpractice.


Myton and Heathcote (Warwick)

Conservative hold

Conservative 53.6 per cent (+10.2)

Lib Dems 25.1 per cent (+10.5)

Labour 21.3 per cent (+21.3)


Whitechapel (Tower Hamlets)

Independent gain from Tower Hamlets First

Independent 44.7 per cent (+44.7)

Labour 32.1 per cent (+6.5)

Conservative 8.5 (+0.8)

Lib Dems 6.7 per cent (+0.0)

Greens 6.6 per cent (-6.6)

UKIP 1.3 per cent (-2.4)


Ferndown (Dorset)

Conservative gain from UKIP

Conservative 57.0 per cent (+13.1)

UKIP 30.4 per cent (-14.2)

Lib Dems 7.2 per cent (+7.2)

Labour 5.3 per cent (-6.1)


Southbourne (Chichester)

Lib Dem gain from Conservative

Lib Dems 57.7 per cent (+15.8)

Conservative 25.8 per cent (-32.3)

UKIP 11.8 per cent (+11.8)

Labour 4.7 per cent (+4.7)


Walbrook (City of London Corporation)

Independent gain from independent


Grange Park (South Northamptonshire)

Conservative hold

Conservative 58.4 per cent (-13.0)

Labour 25.1 per cent (-3.5)

UKIP 11.7 per cent (+11.7)

Green 4.8 per cent (+4.8)


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