Creasy: “I’m not asking you to agree with Nigel Farage, but to argue with him”

Stella Creasy

The progressive alliance is just a “marriage of convenience” and not a real solution, warned Stella Creasy today.

She warned that the alliance with parties such as the SNP and Greens would require us to undermine our principles and not solve anything.

“I cannot be in a progressive alliance with nationalists, who put a passport ahead of public interest”, she said.

Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, gave an impassioned defence of the progressive cause at the Fabians’ conference as she urged left-wing voters to step up their battle against Tory ideas.

“You don’t have to be at a political conference on a Saturday morning to know echo chambers don’t just exist on the right” she said, issuing a call to arms to members to get out there and join the political fight.

Britain is “a nation where we are ships that pass in the night” Creasy said, with few engaging with other’s ideas.

She said that: “Ideology isn’t just about standing against something, it’s about what we plan to do”

“We need a grown up version of socialism” she said, warning that if we don’t adapt progressive politics shall simply become irrelevant.

Creasy’s spoke at the Future Left: Is progressive politics dead? event at the Fabian’s conference.

“I passionately disagree with Jon [Green party co-leader] because I know that a 0 per cent growth economy would hold back my constituents” she said.

Paul Mason urged in his speech that the real threat to Labour in its heartlands, comes not from UKIP – but from a “Tory UKIP tag-team”. The two combined could take down the party in key areas, he warned.

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