Labour supports “reasonably managed migration”- Corbyn speech on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn will use a major speech on the EU in Peterborough tomorrow to set out Labour’s approach to Brexit. He is expected to say: 

“We have had no answers from government about their plans. Not since the Second World War has Britain’s ruling elite so recklessly put the country in such an exposed position without a plan.”

On Brexit talks…

“There can be no question of giving Theresa May’s Tories a free pass in the Brexit negotiations. Unlike the Tories, Labour will insist on a Brexit that works not just for City interests, but in the interests of us all.”

On funding the NHS…

“The Tory Brexiteers and their UKIP allies promised that Brexit would guarantee funding for the NHS, to the tune of £350m a week. The pledge has already been ditched.

“We will rebuild our NHS by ending the under-funding and privatisation of health care.

“This government could have given the NHS the funding it needs, but it has chosen not to. Their tax giveaways to the very richest and to big business hand back £70bn between now and 2022.

“The British people voted to refinance the NHS – and we will deliver it.”

On rebuilding the economy

“People voted for Brexit to regain control over our economy, our democracy and people’s lives.

“We will push to maintain full access to the European single market to protect living standards and jobs.

“But we will also press to repatriate powers from Brussels for the British government to develop a genuine industrial strategy essential for the economy of the future.

“Tory Governments have hidden behind EU state aid rules because they don’t want to intervene. But EU rules can also be a block on the action that’s needed to support our economy, decent jobs and living standards.

“Labour will use state aid powers in a drive to build a new economy, based on new technology and the green industries of the future.”

On regulating the jobs market…

“A Labour Brexit would take back control over our jobs market which has been seriously damaged by years of reckless deregulation.

“Labour will ensure all workers have equal rights at work from day one – and require collective bargaining agreements in key sectors, so that workers cannot be undercut.

“That will bring an end to the unscrupulous use of agency labour and bogus self-employment to stop undercutting and to ensure every worker has a secure job with secure pay.”

On public spending and corporate responsibility…

“Labour will use the huge spending leverage of taxpayer-funded services massively to expand the number of proper apprenticeships.

“All firms with a government or council contract over £250,000 will be required to pay tax in the UK and train young people. No company will receive taxpayer-funded contracts if it, or its parent company, is headquartered in a tax haven.

“And we will not buy outsourced public services from companies whose owners and executives are creaming off profits to stuff their pockets at the expense of the workforce and the public purse.”

On immigration and free movement…

“Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle.

“But nor can we afford to lose full access to the European markets on which so many British businesses and jobs depend. Changes to the way migration rules operate from the EU will be part of the negotiations.

“Labour supports fair rules and reasonably managed migration as part of the post-Brexit relationship with the EU.

“Unlike the Tories, Labour will not offer false promises on immigration targets or sow division by scapegoating migrants.

“But Labour will take action against undercutting of pay and conditions by closing down cheap labour loopholes, banning exclusive advertising of jobs abroad and strengthening workplace protections.

“That would have the effect of reducing numbers of EU migrant workers in the most deregulated sectors, regardless of the final Brexit deal.”

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