Labour wins five point boost as flurry of polls show commanding Tory lead

Labour has begun to close the huge gap with the Tories, according to two of three polls published this weekend.

The biggest gain for Labour was shown in the ComRes survey, which showed the opposition up by five points, although the Tories still posted a commanding 18 point lead.

In an Opinium survey Labour also inched up but the Tories still emerged some 15 points ahead.

Both surveys showed Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May putting the squeeze on the minor parties.

A separate study, by YouGov, showed the Tories increasing their lead.

Overall the poll findings were as follows:


Conservative 47 per cent (+1)

Labour 32 per cent (+2)

Lib Dems 8 per cent (-1)

UKIP 5 per cent (-2)


ComRes for the Sunday Mirror /Independent

Conservatives 48 per cent (-2)

Labour 30 per cent (+5)

Lib Dems 10 per cent (-2)

UKIP 5 per cent (-2)


YouGov for the Sunday Times

Conservative 49 per cent (+3)

Labour 31 per cent (+1)

Lib Dems 9 per cent (-4)

UKIP 3 per cent (-4)



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