Poll shows public backing for Corbyn’s manifesto policies – but not for him as PM


The Labour policies contained in its leaked manifesto command strong support from voters even as they express their doubts about Jeremy Corbyn’s suitability to lead the country.

A series of key measures outlined in the document, such as rail nationalisation and a ban on zero hours contracts, won strong public backing, according to a new poll.

The same survey found, however, that voters are strongly critical of Corbyn’s fitness to be prime minister if he were to pull of a shock general election win.

Labour’s manifesto was approved yesterday – 24 hours after it leaked – by a “Clause V” meeting of shadow cabinet ministers and officials from the national policy forum and national executive.

The findings of today’s poll, by ComRes for the Daily Mirror, will be a boost for allies of Corbyn who aim to ensure the party remains on his policy platform, even if he is deposed as leader after a possible defeat on June 8.

The study showed widespread public backing for manifesto proposals, including:

  • 71 per cent support banning zero-hours contracts
  • 74 per cent support keeping the pension age 66 and no higher
  • 65 per cent support increasing income tax for those on salaries above £80,000
  • 54 per cent support requiring local councils to build an additional 100,000 new council houses per year
  • 53 per cent support bringing back conductors on driver-only trains
  • 49 per centsupport renationalising the energy industry while only 24 per cent oppose
  • 52 per cent support renationalising the railways, while only 22 per cent oppose

It also showed 56 per cent of people believe Corbyn would be “a disaster” as prime minister while 30 per cent think he should be given a fair chance at leading the country.

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