Council by-elections: Labour holds two seats as Tories lose out in Lancashire

30th June, 2017 7:17 am

Labour held two council wards it was defending yesterday with an increase in its vote share, as the Tories lost a seat.

There were four by-elections yesterday, with Labour defending two seats, and the Conservatives and Lib Dems defending one each.

The Labour vote share jumped 11.5 points in William Morris ward, Waltham Forest, which is in Stella Creasy’s ultra-safe Westminster seat. Labour took 68.4% of the vote, with the Greens on 18.6% and Conservatives third on 13%.

In every ward Labour’s vote share grew – with slight increases of less than a per cent in the seats we did not take, and more significant growth in those held. In Dawdon, Durham, Labour’s vote grew 6.2 per cent, but this was in a contest with a local interest group and none of the other major national parties.

Hedge End Grange Park, Eastleigh:
Liberal Democrat hold
Liberal Democrat: 56.5% (+15.5)
Conservative: 26.7% (-10.9)
Labour: 12.2% (+0.9)
Green: 3.5% (+3.5)
UKIP: 1.2% (-9.0)

William Morris, Waltham Forest:
Labour hold
Labour: 68.4% (+11.5)
Green: 18.6% (+1.8)
Conservative: 13.0% (+6.2)
Lib Dems, TUSC and UKIP did not stand this time

Dawdon, Durham:
Labour hold  
Labour: 52.3 per cent (+6.2)
Seaham Community 47.7 per cent (+10.8)
Conservative and Greens did not stand this time

Derby, West Lancashire
Our West Lancashire gain from Conservative
Our West Lancashire: 42.4 per cent (+42.4)
Labour: 35.8 per cent (+0.6)
Conservative: 21.8 per cent (-28.3)
Greens and UKIP did not stand this time

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