Revealed: The full contents of Labour’s internal democracy review

This is the leaked document on the party’s democracy review which considered by the national executive committee on Tuesday.

NEC Organisation Committee

Labour Party Democracy Review


At the meeting on 29 September, the NEC agreed the terms of reference for a Review of Labour Party Democracy. The Review is to be led by Katy Clark assisted by Claudia Webbe and Andy Kerr from the NEC. The review will report to the Jeremy Corbyn and to Ian Lavery MP, the Party Chair.

The overarching theme of the review is to ensure that the hugely expanded membership is fully involved to become a mass movement which can transform society.

Work plan

The review will be formally launched in early November. The Review team will consult widely with CLPs, affiliated trade unions, other affiliated organisations, the PLP and individual members and will produce a first report for Annual Conference 2018.

The review team will be seeking responses to all areas of the review from the launch. However, given the wide-ranging nature of the review, in order to manage the workload and deal appropriately with responses, there will be three phases with deadlines for submission on particular topics.

  • Phase one will cover:
    • The role of BAME Labour
    • The role of Young Labour
    • The role of Labour Party Women’s Conference.

The deadline for phase one will be 12 January.

  • Phase two will cover:
    • The governance of CLPs
    • The role of socialist societies
    • Improving diversity and gender representation
    • Strengthening the involvement and participation of members
    • The recruitment of members and harnessing the potential of social media.

The deadline for phase two will be 23 March

  • Phase three would cover:
    • The method of electing the Party Leader
    • The composition of the NEC
    • Regional structures
    • Freeze dates
    • The policy process including CLP motions
    • Local government
    • Local and national links with Trade Unions.
  • The deadline for phase three will be 29 June.

Consultation process

There will be a hub for the review hosted on the Labour Party website where members, CLPs, affiliates and other stakeholders will be able to access the consultation questions and submit responses. In addition there will be a dedicated email address [email protected] where submissions can be received as well as any queries about the consultation. And there will be facility for receiving paper submissions.

The review will be holding at least one consultation event for members in each Nation or Region. In addition, members of the review team will be visiting a wide range of CLPs and other party units and organisations to profile best practice.

A calendar of consultation events is currently being constructed and a ‘live’ version will be available at the meeting.

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