Here are the policies we’re putting forward for a future Labour government

Alice Perry

The next General Election could be months away. Or it could be in May 2022. It’s impossible to tell. With this in mind, Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) is working to build on the popular 2017 Manifesto and help prepare for a possible incoming Labour government.

The NPF Policy Commissions are meeting this month to finalise the consultation documents that will be sent to members for discussion and debate.

A full NPF meeting will take place on 17 and 18 February, where the various representatives will meet to consider policies for a future Labour government. The consultation topics include:

  • TOWARDS A NATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICE (Early Years, Education & Skills Policy Commission Co-Chaired by Angela Rayner and Christine Shawcroft)
  • A FAIR DEAL AT WORK: The future of work (Economy, Business & Trade Commission Co-Chaired by John McDonnell and Jennie Formby)
  • LEADING RICHER LIVES: A Greener Britain (Environment, Energy and Culture Commission Co-Chaired by Sue Hayman and Margaret Beckett)
  • HEALTHCARE FOR ALL: Tackling health inequalities (Health & Social Care Commission Co-Chaired by Jonathan Ashworth and Keith Birch)
  • LEADING RICHER LIVES: Giving people the power to shape their local communities (Housing, Local Government & Transport Commission Co-Chaired by Andrew Gwynne and Jim Kennedy)
  • A GLOBAL BRITAIN: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (International Policy Commission Co-Chaired by Emily Thornberry and Cath Speight)
  • SAFER COMMUNITIES: Protecting our communities and turning lives around (Justice and Home Affairs Commission Co-Chaired by Diane Abbott and Alice Perry)
  • EQUALITY FOR ALL: Addressing in-work poverty and working age inequalities (Work, Pensions and Equality Co-Chaired by Debbie Abrahams and Diana Holland)

Labour wants members to be more involved in policymaking and to be able to actively engage with the policy making process. This is a topic of discussion for Labour’s Party Democracy Review.

Currently, members can have their say on the Policy Forum website. The various policy commissions consider and discuss the various member and affiliate submissions. You can make submissions individually or as a CLP or branch Labour Party.

The policy consultation documents will be sent to members and local parties. There are also policy events around the country for members to attend. Labour is considering how technology could be better used for democratising policymaking.

Hundreds (possibly thousands) of people took part in the policy seminars during last year’s Labour Party Conference.

I Chaired the Justice and Home Affairs session, which heard from a wide range of diverse, articulate and well-informed speakers on a range of issues from the criminal justice system, policing and the prison and probation service to proportional representation and reform of the House of Lords.

Labour has almost 600,000 members with a range of valuable experience and expertise. Visit our website for more information about how you can get involved in shaping the policies for our next General Election Manifesto.

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