Corbyn “sincerely sorry” for pain caused by antisemitism in Labour

Sienna Rodgers

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for the “pain and hurt” caused by antisemitism found in “pockets within the Labour Party”.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Corbyn condemned antisemitism and promised to “stamp out” any form of antisemitism in and around the labour movement.

The Labour leader revealed plans to meet with representatives from the Jewish community to restore confidence in the party as one that “gives effective voice to Jewish concerns” and is “implacably opposed to antisemitism in all its forms”.

The statement comes after a Facebook comment by Corbyn in 2012 that seemed to oppose the removal of an antisemitic mural on the grounds of free expression came to light.

Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger highlighted the comment on Twitter and called for an explanation.

In response, Corbyn said: “I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and anti-semitic.

“I am opposed to the production of anti-semitic material of any kind, and the defence of free speech cannot be used as a justification for the promotion of anti-semitism in any form.”

Earlier today it was announced the Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies of British Jews will be delivering a letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party outlining their concerns over “increasing antisemitism” ahead of the PLP’s regularly scheduled 6pm Monday meeting.

Supporters will join influential leaders in Parliament Square at 5.30pm tomorrow to show solidarity with the JLC.

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