WATCH: “People deserve homes as a human right” – Laura Pidcock on Question Time

Labour MP Laura Pidcock, often described as a rising star in the party, spoke passionately about the housing crisis on BBC’s Question Time last night and said homes were a “human right”.

The shadow minister for Labour said: “There were people, this winter, only a few weeks ago, that died on the streets because they dud not have a home to call their own.”

“I heard this homeless man saying, “I just hope I wake up”.

“I think that being secure in a house is a human right. We have to start looking at this through a human rights perspective rather than just seeing it as a commodity, or an asset, or something that we can float on the stock market.

“People deserve homes as a human right.

“I genuinely want people to be taken off the housing list, and I want council houses to be built.


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