WATCH: Danny Dyer on Brexit and “t**t” David Cameron

Last night Danny Dyer, actor and father of Love Island favourite Dani Dyer, slammed politicians over Brexit and called David Cameron a “t**t”.

Speaking on behalf of the nation, Dyer asked: “Who knows about Brexit? No one’s got a clue what Brexit is, yeah?”

He added: “You watch Question Time – it’s comedy. No one knows what it is, it’s like this mad riddle so no one knows what it is.”

On Brexit, Dyer criticised former Prime Minister David Cameron, who was responsible for calling the EU referendum. “What’s happened to that t**t David Cameron? How can he scuttle off?

“He called all this on. Where is he? He’s in Europe – in Nice – with his trotters up. Where is the geezer? I think he should be held account for it. T**t.”

Dyer was appearing on ITV’s Good Evening Britain with Jeremy Corbyn, Pamela Anderson, Ed Balls, Harry Redknapp and James Cleverly, amongst other guests.

The Labour leader looked amused while deputy Conservative Party chairman Cleverly laughed.

The video posted to Twitter currently has over two million views.

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