WATCH: Does Corbyn back full cannabis decriminalisation?

Today Jeremy Corbyn refused to back full cannabis decriminalisation.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, the Labour leader confirmed the party’s position on medical cannabis as he called for it to be decriminalised, but said cited “health concerns” when he stopped short of supporting full decriminalisation of the drug.

However, the Labour leader maintained that “criminalising people for possession of small amounts of cannabis is not a particularly good idea”.

Labour MPs including Wes Streeting have spoken out against cannabis decriminalisation as many in the party believe it would alienate voters. Last month, the MP for Ilford North tweeted: “As for recreational use, I think politicians advocating this should knock on some doors and talk to people about how they feel when people smoke it on their streets with impunity.”

SR: Do you feel that there is an argument that cannabis should be decriminalised across the board?

JC: I think at this stage we should say that medical use of cannabis is good, and that cannabis oil used is clearly beneficial to people. That should be decriminalised and made readily available as quickly as possible.

SR: How about more widely? Do you feel that the recreational use of cannabis should be decriminalised?

JC: I think we have to look at the health concerns of any drug that people take. No drug is without consequences when people take it. Personally, I don’t take any drugs at all and I think we should just think about it quite carefully.

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