WATCH: Will Khan back a ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit?

Today Labour’s Sadiq Khan refused to back the idea of a ‘people’s vote’ on the terms of Brexit.

Asked by Marr whether he would support another referendum, Khan replied: “I may be unhappy with the result of the referendum, and I’m proud London voted to remain, but I accept the verdict.

“What I’m saying, though, is if the government can’t do a deal with the European Union that is satisfactory to parliament…”

“- why can’t you say that you’d like to see a second referendum?”

“Because what I’d like to see is the government do a good deal with the European Union. I’d like to see us be a member of a customs union, I’d like to see us be a member of a single market on a cast-iron guarantee for EU citizens but also as Brits who are in the European Union.

“I want a good transitional period. If the government can secure that, then they’ve managed to get Brexit but in a deal that’s not too damaging to our country.”

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