Jewish Labour Movement launches new antisemitism monitoring centre

Jewish Labour Movement, Labour’s only affiliated Jewish group, has launched a new ‘Antisemitism Monitoring Centre’ today.

In an email sent to all its members this afternoon, JLM revealed it had set up a centre to process complaints relating to antisemitism within the Labour Party.

The request to hear experiences of antisemitism within Labour is directed at either “victim or third party observer” according to the email and JLM website.

The survey can be completed via the following link:

Below is the full email sent to JLM members.

Throughout the past three years, the Jewish Labour Movement has engaged, in good faith, with the Labour Party to try and solve the severe and ongoing crisis of Labour antisemitism. This has included meetings at every level of the Party, including the Leader’s Office, the General Secretary and many more. We are grateful to our allies in the Labour Party and across the Jewish community who have supported us throughout this time.

That’s why, today, the Jewish Labour Movement launches our Antisemitism Monitoring Centre. For too long, complaints of antisemitism have been dismissed when reported, obfuscated when they entered the national press, and dragged on because that was politically easier.

We want to hear your experiences of antisemitism within the Labour Party, victim or third party observer. 

Please fill out our survey here by the 19th October. 

By sharing your experiences of antisemitism within the Labour Party, you are enabling JLM to build a clear picture of what is happening within all parts of the Party. We will use this information to help ensure that antisemitism is property addressed, and may need to share it with relevant parties.

We will keep fighting to eradicate antisemitism from our Party, and our society, but we need your help to do so. 

Yours, in solidarity,

The Jewish Labour Movement

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