WATCH: Corbyn on no Brexit – “I don’t think that’s an option we’re going to get given”

Appearing on Sky’s Ridge on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn today doubted the likelihood of another Brexit referendum with remain as an option.

Corbyn explained: “I said ‘we can’t stop it’ because on our own obviously we can’t. Keir said ‘Brexit can be stopped’ – clearly a vast majority of people could, if they all agreed to do so.

“There was a referendum in 2016. A majority voted to leave the EU. There are many reasons why people voted. I don’t think you call a referendum and then say you don’t like the result, and go away from it. You’ve got to understand why people voted and negotiate the best deal you can…”

“All options are on the table in the future,” the Labour leader said. Asked whether no Brexit is better than no deal, Corbyn replied: “I don’t think that’s an option we’re going to get given.”

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