Answers to difficult questions will be found around tables, not at podiums

Jon Cruddas

The idea behind Labour Together is pretty simple: help bring together all parts of our movement and confront the long-term challenges facing our party, our country and the world. As a party, we have a rich history to draw on. After all, out of the terrifying chaos of the Second World War, a generation of Labour members, activists and representatives demanded and delivered a better, kinder, more just politics. They came together and changed the course of the last century.

A child born today should live to see the next century. The world they grow up in will be far different from the one we have experienced. The challenges facing us are immense. We are a group of committed Labour members, supporters and politicians who believe that “by the strength of our common endeavour, we achieve more than we achieve alone”.

Talk of splits and new parties are a total distraction. With over half a million members, the Labour Party is in a unique position to seize the moment. But we can only do this if we’re willing to work together with understanding, compassion and tolerance.

We are the custodians of a 126-year-old movement that belongs to us all. With the whole body politic focused on Brexit, there has never been a more important time to raise and discuss the difficult questions. This is the moment to build new thinking.

The answers to the deep, difficult questions won’t be found at a political podium, but around tablesOur aim is to create a space for people to have difficult yet necessary political conversations face-to-face, in living rooms and around kitchen tables with those to whom they might not ordinarily speak.

We’re inviting Labour members and supporters of every tradition to help build a new political culture that can prepare the country for the next century and shape it for everyone. That’s what our guest edit of LabourList this week is about. I hope you enjoy the wide diversity of articles and take part.

This piece is introducing the guest edit of Labour Together, which is taking over LabourList this week.

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