Scottish Labour’s ruling body still under no overall factional control in CLP section

Eight new local party representatives have been elected to Scottish Labour’s ruling body, the Scottish executive committee (SEC).

Half of those elected are widely considered to be Corbynsceptics – Johanna Baxter, James Adams, Suzan King and Scott Arthur – while the other four – Cara Hilton, Ann Henderson, Lina Nass and Marion Sporing – are on the Labour left and were endorsed by the Campaign for Socialism.

The SEC therefore remains politically balanced in its CLP section, with the same number of seats for each faction.

Below are the full results.

West of Scotland & Mid Scotland and Fife

Johanna Baxter: 635 – ELECTED
Paul Cassidy: 505
Cara Hilton: 823 – ELECTED
Liam Thomson: 613

Central Scotland & Glasgow

James Adams: 968 – ELECTED
Angela Feeney: 835
Suzan King: 1,008 – ELECTED
Stephen Low: 731

Lothian & South of Scotland

Scott Arthur: 870 – ELECTED
Mike Cowley: 738
Fiona Dugdale: 762
Ann Henderson: 998 – ELECTED

North East Scotland & Highlands and Islands

Lina Nass: 588 – ELECTED
Marion Sporing: 530 – ELECTED
Linda Stewart: 521
Lynn Thomson: 416

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