Sunday shows: Trickett, Benn, Starmer on Brexit

Ridge on Sunday

Chancellor Philip Hammond caused controversy within the Conservative Party as he described another EU referendum as a “coherent proposition” that “deserves to be considered”.

Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office:

  • On why Theresa May’s deal isn’t acceptable: “There are obvious reasons why, the most obvious one is the problem with the land border in Ireland.”
  • On why Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t at the march for another referendum: “It was a lovely crowd but the job of an alternative government is to try to find a way of bringing all the sides together in our country, rather than dividing it in the way that the government has, on a Brexit but a Brexit that works for everybody.”
  • Would you vote for the Prime Minister’s deal plus a customs union? “No. That view simply doesn’t work and the main problem we have is we have got a long term relationship and a backstop from which there is no exit.” (“But the backstop is the customs union.” “The backstop is a customs union but there is no way out of it into a permanent relationship.”)
  • How would you vote if there was a second referendum? “I’d vote to remain and reform but we’d have to see what other options were on the table.”

Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central:

  • On revoking Article 50 as an option: “If they refused to give us an extension, then parliament would be faced with a choice about whether to use [Article 50 revocation].”

The Andrew Marr Show

Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit Secretary:

  • Confirmed he wasn’t on the ‘Put it to the People’ march.
  • On another referendum being implemented by a Labour government: “We had a commitment in 2017 setting out the deal we would negotiate and we supplemented with our conference policy that said in the event of an impasse we’d have a public vote. I would expect our manifesto to build on those commitments.”


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