Who didn’t vote in favour of LGBT-inclusive education and why?

A piece of legislation that would mean children are taught LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) in primary schools was passed by a huge majority of 517 yesterday, with 538 MPs in favour and just 21 against.

But LGBT Labour activists are furious about those MPs who voted against or abstained on the Draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019.

Relationships and sex education (RSE) has been under scrutiny in recent weeks, as several schools in Birmingham faced protests over existing guidance and some stopped teaching the disputed lessons.

As might be expected, 12 Tories and 7 DUP representatives voted against the guidance. But many Labour members were concerned to see that Labour’s John Spellar also voted against, as did Fiona Onasanya, who now sits as an Independent MP.

14 Labour MPs did not vote: Vernon Coaker, Sir David Crausby, Ruth George, Kate Hoey, Kate Hollern, Imran Hussain, Stephen Kinnock (who says there has been a mistake), Khalid Mahmood, John McDonnell, Laura Pidcock, Yasmin Qureshi, Stephen Timms, Keith Vaz and Mohammad Yasin.

Ex-Labour MPs Ann Coffey, Frank Field, Ivan Lewis, Jared O’Mara (who has explained his absence), Chuka Umunna and Chris Williamson also abstained.

Not all abstentions were deliberate, and one seems to have been a mistake. Some of the MPs offered explanations in response to criticism…

Stephen Kinnock said there had been a “mix up”.

Laura Pidcock apologised:

Ruth George said it was a scheduling issue:

Timms explained his (deliberate) abstention in parliament.

Mohammad Yasin had a family emergency:

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